Friday, 26 November 2010

De Klompen

Klop! Klop! Klop! The sound caught my attention as I was pulling out my bicycle from under the shed. I looked around to locate the origin of the sound. Across the road from where I was standing were two contractors moving and hoisting a rubble of bricks, woods, and steel. Klop! Klop! Klop! The distinct sound resurfaced again. Curious as a cat, I searched again. In fact, somewhere in my subconscious, I knew that I have heard the sound before but I could not place what and where. Have you ever had this kind of feeling? It’s kind of frustrating, really. Suddenly, it hit me; ‘Could it be?’ And my gaze met a pair of an odd-looking pair of shoes that one of the contractors was wearing. I blinked in utter disbelief and blinked again as if it was a dream. Of course, it made sense that the sound was familiar because where I come from; we would wear wooden flip flop when we were going to the toilet or working around the house, for instance. However, it was never worn for chores that require labour.

My friend told me that some Dutch would still wear klompen for farming, fishing, gardening and many other activities. I also read that de klompen qualifies as a safety shoes that can withstand penetration of sharp objects. Although, the tradition has somewhat been forgotten little by little. What I witnessed might be one in a thousand.

De klompen which means the wooden shoes or the clog shoes are one of the famous features that is unique to The Netherlands. Now, it is more than a pair of souvenir to me. I would definitely find one that fits me.

P/S: This article I wrote has been sent to a magazine column called Typical Dutch. It is my hope to get it published. Pray for me!!


  1. Gosh.....your blog is so stunning. I love the decoration made. You are so creative in building / grooming this blog to become more attractive than others.

    * just drop by when I saw your link via your post in Facebook.

  2. terima kasih..biasa je syed..aku guna layout yg paling basic syed..nothing fancy pun..kalau ko tgk blog aku x canggih mcm org lain are the first to comment though..I have to give you the klompen..

  3. Nope....kalau kat blog ni bukan aku yg 1st beri komen, tapi utk page ni, aku ler.....mata blink2!!!

    Aku suka design latar belakang blog nie...tak serabut. Colourful but yet so unique. Wahh...malam nie aku mimpi 'de klompen' la jwbnya. Hahaha.

  4. kalau ko nak tau..aku baru perasan ade org comment lama aku menggelakkan diri aku sendiri sbb tak tahu mcm mne nak tgk komen..hahaha

  5. So, kiranya aku telah diutuskan oleh Allah utk sedarkan kau cmne nak tgk komen org. Wakaka...aku ni takde blog, so tak tau pown pasal hal-hal mcm nie. Kinda weird but it's acceptable for me!!!

    *Uwaaa....byk aku tinggalkan komen kat blog kau hari nie. Tapi your blog mmg bagus; very much inspiring. Hope aku akan selalu singgah blog nie lebih2 lagi masa kau masih di Belanda ni.


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