Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hail The King of All Fruits

Yup, I’m talking about Durian hailed as the king of all fruits at least by Malaysians and Singaporeans. We are crazy about Durian. To exaggerate, we’d probably trade our houses with durians. I think, next to rubber, oil palm, and other commercial plants, durian is the most cultivated fruit in Southeast Asia. We have so many varieties of durians like the Americans have with their apples. What’s unique about Durian is, it is harvested once it fell from its tree, so be careful when walking around a Durian orchard. Always wear a safety helmet. Nobody wants to be murdered by a Durian, right?

I still remember it clear as day how we were so eager waiting for the season to come. The air is filled with the signature custard-y smell of Durian which can be a stench for some who can’t stand it. Along the road, no matter where you’d go around Malaysia you can just stop by the side of the road, choose your durians and the vendor will carve the durian and serve it to you. However, the best is always freshly picked durian from my grandparent’s orchard. Sometimes, we’d have baskets of them and my grandma would make pickled durian (tempoyak) to be stored and used for cooking in the future. Two years ago, I managed to sneak some to The Netherlands masking the smell by layering the bottle with endless piece of paper. We had Masak Tempoyak in winter!! How awesome!! Now, not anymore. Sorry grandma, I couldn’t. My neighbours would complain and they might think that the smell came from a rotten onion or unwashed socks. LOL!!

Anyway, why suddenly this talk about durian? I don’t know. It is most probably because it’s winter now. I miss the warmth that lingers in my tummy after eating durians. Sometimes, I ate one too many durians, I had trouble sleeping at night, just tossing and turning. It’s freakishly cold right now. I have breathing difficulty and nose bleed sometimes. It’s not even possible to run outdoors anymore. If I want to do that, I’d have to cycle nearly 2 km from my home to the sports centre which can be an icy ride. When I made it there, I’d be out of breath and can barely managed to do the cardio the way I used to. I hope my system can adapt to this weather soon. I’ll try to go out more often if I can stand it. I pinkie promise myself.

P/S: If I were a piece of shirt it’d say; made in Gombak, wash with warm water only.

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