Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Life is a Cycle

When Holland comes to mind, everyone will think bicycles and tulips. I do not know how those two are linked together but I figure they must have coincided in some way, but here, I want to talk about bicycle or “fiets” as they call it here. Bicycle has been a mean of transportation in the Dutch culture, since ages, and now bicycles are more than just that. In Holland, I am amazed to see how a bicycle can be converted into a shopping bag and how one can also walk his/her dog or dogs while riding a bicycle. The latter is the skill I have not yet accomplished. Maybe someday, I will also be able to ride my bike with one hand down in my pocket and the other clasping my phone frantically replying a text message. Oh, how very Dutch of me!

Living in The Netherlands, you really need a bicycle because first of all, you are free to go anywhere in The Netherlands or in Europe without having to pay a single fare and second of all, cyclist and pedestrian in this country are given the right of way. Therefore, cyclists here are the kings of the road, so to speak. And, the bicycle routes or ‘fietspad’ are painted red, so, how more royal can this get? Such red-carpet treatment gives cyclists the chance to ride merrily ever after.

P/S: It would be cool to have a Firebolt or an enchanted car.


  1. I wonder how bicycle can be converted into shopping bag in The Netherlands?? They are so innovative I supposed...

    * Fatma, it's so hard for me to post comment in your many steps!!! H0h0.

  2. byk step ek??aku pun xtau kenapa...aku masih bingung lagi..maklumlah umur blog ni baru seminggu dong..

    you wonder how he??you should see it with your own eyes..diorg pindah rumah pun guna basikal tau..aish,gigih sungguh lah


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