Monday, 22 November 2010

The One-Word Game

So, there was this scene in Eat Pray Love where they play a one-word game to describe cities in the world. It goes like this;
  • London- Stuffy
  • New York- Ambition
And then I thought, why not play this game to describe the food from all over the world. I want to start with something closer to home. This is just a game, and I might not be right. They are just the first thing that comes to my mind.
  • Malay- Coconut
  • Chinese-Noodle
  • Indian- Spices
  • Thai- Lemon-y
  • French- Butter
  • Italian- Pasta
  • Arabic- Hearty
  • Mediterranean-Crisp
  • Spanish- Paprika
  • American- Cheeseburger
  • Mexican- Tortilla
  • Indonesian- Baso
  • Japanese- Sushi
  • Dutch- Lekker
I think that's all for now. Maybe you can share some too.


  1. kuantan- satay zul!


    hi kak timah :D

  2. ilham!! aish akak ingatkan ilham nk ckp crocodile rock td..ehem ehem...hihi

  3. Kepala mung asyik ingat makanan aje ni, apahal Kak Timah???? Wakakaka...

  4. makanan is our basic instinct tau..timah nama witch aku..hahaha


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