Saturday, 27 November 2010

Stroopwafel Madness!!

Perhaps it’s just me but I think the Dutch can win awards for their stroopwafels and not to mention other desserts too. I’m not a sweet tooth myself. Growing up, I remember that I’d scrape away the icing and the cream off my cake, I’d shudder when I accidentally ate something that is too sweet, I’d scrape off the green top of my kuih seri muka and ate the ‘pulut’ and I’d never be able to finish a bar of chocolate all by myself. I know sometimes people might find it odd when I refused to be served with tiramisu or cakes. It’s not that I don’t love desserts, it’s just my idea of a dessert is just a little bit different. I like desserts that have a balanced flavor of sweet and sour like fruit based cheesecake, pulut mangga or apple pie. I also prefer desserts that are chewy and gummy like onde-onde, kuih lopes. kuih kaswi and kuih keria. And, I also love desserts that have this ‘lemak’ element in them like kuih lapis, kuih sum sum and kek lapis; they are not too sweet but they share this buttery flavor.
So, enough about me, let’s talk about stroopwafel. Yes, it’s a Dutch thing. I had my first stroopwafel when I was in Delft and fell in love with it at first bite. You can buy them freshly made from the vendor or readily packed from the supermarket all across The Netherlands. Of course, the best always comes fresh. What’s unique about this waffle is; it is thin and crispy with a gooey centre. Ahhh, suddenly this reminds me of crispy ‘apam balik’ back home. Sorry, my mind drifted again. So, stroopwafel is made from a hard batter mixture, like the ones used for making ice-cream cones. The batter is then pressed on a hot waffle iron. When it’s done it is split into two halves while it is still soft. The warm and gooey filling, made from syrup, brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon, is spread in between the waffle halves, which glues them together. And voila you got your stroopwafel for € 1.20. Yes, I know it is a little expensive for me too but sometimes good things don’t come cheap. I was told that McDonald’s chains across The Netherlands serve Stroopwafel McFlurry!! I reckon it must taste good. Oh,never mind. One way or another I will come and get you, mijn Stroopwafel Mcflurry!! Maybe it’s about time to know what “sugar high” feels like.

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