Friday, 3 December 2010

Good Food, Bad Food.

I was watching the documentary, Food, Inc. which focuses on the food industry in America and it makes me think about what did I eat today? How did it come from a cow to a piece of meat on my plate? It seems like mass production of food have changed over the years, huh? Along the way, producers have lost integrity in food production. Livestock and poultry are no longer treated as animals, they are simply food. It is depressing to see, how our food is processed in factories (enclosed spaces) where it can create an optimum condition for harmful microorganism to grow. And it is even more depressing when food processed in an open spaces are considered unhygienic when it actually allows dispersion of microorganisms. Quoting my husband, "microorganisms like to live in complex consortia, not alone..". So in an enclosed space like chicken-house, there's more opportunity for microbes to come together compared to free range chicken land. My point is, sometimes it doesn't matter the way they are treated as long as the end product is food. It gets so twisted to a point that a piece of hamburger from any fast food chains can costs cheaper than a 500 g of broccoli. How can this be?

Let's start with what is good food. In my own definition, it means halal (lawful) and toyyiba (good). Actually, if we really look into it, 'good' has a deeper meaning. For me, it must come from an honourable source, it needs to be healthy and clean, it must be fresh, it must be properly fed, and it has to be treated rightfully. It all comes down to what we eat. From there, it can get us as far as knowing how healthy we are. So, starting from now, we have to take control of it. Here's what you can do: (source: Food Inc)
  • Buy from companies that treat animals, workers and the environment with respect
  • When going to supermarket, choose foods that are in season. Try to buy organic if you can afford it
  • Buy foods that are grown locally. This way you know your foods are fresh.
  • Shop at farmers' market
  • Plant a small garden
  • Try to avoid processed food
  • Cook a meal with your family and eat together
  • When you say du'a or grace ask for food that will make us and the planet happy
We can make a change with what we choose to eat. Hungry for change? Go to

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