Friday, 3 December 2010

Hematoma and Birth Control Pills

Here is probably not a perfect place for hypochondriacs. Ask anyone here, they will surely tell the same thing as what I am about to tell you now. After several trials made to call my family doctor, the appointment is finally set. So, it went like this:

Doctor: Hello and good day. You are Siti Fatimah? Tell me why are you here.
Me: Yes, I have been coughing up blood and there's a black spot underneath the nail of my foot finger. It's been there since ages.
Doctor: Let me check your lungs. Have you lost your appetite lately? Are you pregnant?
Me: No.
Doctor: Ok, it looks like everything is fine with you. It's normal if you are coughing up blood, and your lungs seem normal. And the one on your foot it's just hematoma.
Me: Really? sounding concerned.
Doctor: Yes, but I can give you prescription for birth control pills if you like.
Me: Huh?

Haha. It would probably went differently if you have a serious cold but the bottom line is the same. You will be advised to sleep your sickness off. Let it heal itself. It is always highly unlikely that you will be prescribed a medicine. So, what people normally do here is just buy paracetamol or cough syrup from behind the counter. That's just the way it is. Come to think of it, what do they do with my health insurance money?

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