Thursday, 23 December 2010

In Sickness and In Health

Sometimes, we just do not know what hit us. As for me, I really did not know that a chickenpox virus would come looking for me at the age of 24. I thought that was the worst time in my health record until it was broken two Mondays ago by an infection that had caused sharp, stabbing and throbbing pain on the lower right of my abdomen. I woke up at 6.00 a.m. feeling as normal as I can be, when 20 minutes later I felt the pain. At first I thought it was just flatulence, and then the pain became more intense and more excruciating. The term ‘I feel sick to my stomach’ will not do the pain justice. At that very moment, nothing I did seem to ease the pain away. Neither lying down nor dumping painkillers down my throat worked. By then, I couldn't lift my right leg without implicating my lower right abdomen. In less than an hour I regurgitated last night’s dinner seven times. I felt so weak to even ride my bicycle to go to the doctor’s appointment set at 8.40 a.m. For this, I have to be thankful to Bro. Shahrul’s family who had kindly offered us a ride to and back from the clinic. At the clinic, I wanted nothing more than to be liberated from the pain. I dragged my right leg and my white bucket (in case I vomited again, which I did, in the car) home with a suppository drug to be administered for three days.
When we reached home, my husband instantly medicated me, put me to rest, cooked rice porridge and took care of everything else for me. I cannot thank him enough. I cannot have imagined if this happened to me during his absence to Groningen. He was there in sickness and in health. I thank Allah for giving me the chance to breathe and to be grateful again. Believe me, it was a miracle that the pain ever went away. And it has made me realize how in time of sickness, it brought us closer to God. In sickness, we found salvation. In sickness, we found ourselves calling for The Almighty. In health, we really are otherwise; unaware and ignorant about what would hit us next until we do. It’s human nature, I suppose. We are meant to forget and we are meant to be reminded of our existence every now and again. It’s the circle of life.
Here, I’d also like to thank friends and well wishers. Your prayers and your concerns count. May all the good things come your way, in sickness and in health.

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