Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Let's Have Our Very Own Recipe Journal

The moment of epiphany came to me last night when I was just tucking myself to bed. I thought about my late paternal grandmother who made a great Sambal Udang and other wonderful dishes, yet, nobody in my family knows how to make them the way she did. The recipes died with her. I was 17 years old when she died, so, I was pretty young to realize the importance of having a recipe journal. I know that there are some families in Malaysia who highly regards their family recipes but, only a few writes them down in a journal. Most of the time, the recipes are either buried deep within their memories or at the back of their hands. So, you know the drill.

Sometimes, I think, I’ve been asking my mom or my aunt or my grandma one too many times for the same recipe. I’d jot them down on a crude piece of paper and later lost them thinking they might get blown by the wind. How silly of me. That’s why I think we need to have at least one recipe journal so we can pass it down to our offspring. It’d be like passing down a piece of a priceless heirloom. It is so priceless to the extent that the housewives of Wisteria Lane would keep their families recipes securely locked in a drawer in a secluded part of their kitchen. If not all of them, at least Bree does. However, you don’t have to be a housewife to have a recipe journal.

So how and when do we start? Call or email your relatives for recipes. Right now, I have been emailing my mom in the effort to gather my grandma’s recipes. You can also start with something that is close to you; recipes you can’t afford to lose. Include the ingredients, measurements, and directions. Just make sure you have them written or typed in a properly-bound book. Think of it as a scrap book. Decorate it beautifully to make it more attractive. If you are just not the kind of person who writes, type it up in your blog to share with the public or you can always make it private. Take it everytime you go traveling to write about your food tasting adventure. Most importantly, do not lose it. Good Luck!!


  1. Love all your entries...won't miss to read them.. the best part-your passion in cooking..walla

  2. terima kasih jay..aku pun masih baru dlm dunia blogging ni..korang sume dh senior2..

  3. Please kindly type Indo Kitchen in Facebook if you are really interested to learn Indisch cuisine (by adding that page I supposed).

    *How careless you are when you lost the crude piece of paper that you have jot down the recipe (refer the above article; not pathetic I think). Jgn marah Kak Fatma.....kuikui.

  4. hmm..i think 'silly' pun ok gak..nnti I pikir word ape la, i'm not angry, in fact lagi suka kalu people tell me that I make's better drpd kita terus buat kesilapan yg sama


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