Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Moment We Bid Goodbye

It was 11.00 a.m Amsterdam time and there we stood among the crowds. Suddenly, it felt just like yesterday when I first arrived rushing into his embrace. Staring into his eyes, I see forever, I see the future is a never ending horizon. He held me close, still shaking his head to deny the reality that we are parting for another time. God, is this really going on? Tears replaced words and happiness is eclipsed with sadness. In grief, we exchanged promises and vows, signed them with hugs and sealed them with kisses. Words of love can't stop leaving our lips till the moment our clasps unfolded. There, I turned and heavily I stepped away from him. An odd feeling took over me because there was not a single time that I ever went to leave him this far. Maybe, this was how it felt to leave your loved ones behind. Every airport witnesses meetings and partings every day, in fact, they had been part of our lives. More ironic than that, meeting and parting have actually take us everywhere in this world and every encounter in this life. Believe it or not, they have done us justice. Footsteps after footsteps, I finally boarded the plane and seated at the aisle. Two seats beside me were empty. I said to myself 'Oh no, I don't want to feel alone again, not in my plane back home knowing that it should be my husband sitting beside me.' 'Well, at least I can cry out loud while smothering myself with the pillow without worrying if anyone can hear me, I coaxed myself. Indeed, every of the above happened. I felt alone and I cried calling him out. Sleeping was impossibly hard because it wasn't his shoulder I can rest my head on. I consoled myself to think of the happier things we did together. The flashes of memories keep playing in my eyes. From the day I landed in Amsterdam he never failed to please me and shower me with his endless love. I knew that it was me all along, the one he always love. No matter how he may fail, he had loved me from the start. The love he gives me, had compensated the love I have lost before in life from my father. Every beautiful memory we shared had amended all the sorrow and pain I felt. The love God has grant us is so overwhelming like the sunshine's glare in the peak of the noon. Together, we have gone through the journey of love. Love has taken us to the street of happiness, pain, strength, perseverance, patience and above all love has take us around the world where meeting and parting with someone you love happens every moment of time. So, missing him is what I will do every second of the day....

19.59 p.m (Amsterdam time), 28 December 2008
written two years ago on the plane back to Kuala Lumpur

P.S: Kalau ade yang sedih, watch this video

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