Friday, 3 December 2010

My Hijab and Me

I know that I'm not the right person to talk about this. I'm not a public figure nor am I a preacher. I'm not even the most righteous person. I'm just fatma, timah, sid, tim and Along to people who knows me. I'm a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend and most of all I'm a servant to the Almighty. I serve Him all my life. I have to obey to all his rules because this world I live in is His, no question about that. So, who am I to disobey Him. But underneath it all, I'm just a human like you and them, with likes and dislikes, with sense of humour, with ideas and interests and with a heart.

So, don't get intimidated by me just because I wear a hijab on my head. I'm no better and no different than any of you, in fact, I'm just like you. I have sins and I make mistakes. The hijab is just a part of me, it's something I need to have close to me, the way we need a blanket when we tuck ourselves to sleep. With my hijab on, I feel whole and happy.

I'm also glad that despite everything that's happening in this world and despite our differences, happiness can also be found with a stranger who you just met and later become friends. I know that all of us hope for peace, for freedom and for unity. And I know it's a utopia but I think it is possible if we learn to respect and understand each other. So, for those who believe in God, let's spread love and peace, for those who are searching for God I hope you'll find what you are looking for and for those who don't, let God be because He has got nothing against us.

Allah knows best.

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