Thursday, 2 December 2010

My Sister and Me

My sister will turn 23 this coming 27 December. I call her ‘Angah’ which means the second child in Malay language. She is 2 years younger than me. We are really different, she and I. We are like ivory and ebony. Sometimes, I think she’s the older sister, looking after me and my mom. So, I think I want to do something for her in return for standing up to me all these years and for saving me from myself. Besides sending her a gift which I’m still figuring what, I’d like to host a tea for her.

December is a very special yet a sad month for all of us because on New Year’s Eve, 4 days after my sister celebrated her 22nd birthday, my father passed away as a result of a heart attack. That was the fourth and the last time in her life that she saw my father ever since he abandoned us 15 years ago. I know she was badly affected by the incident and it still kills me everytime I think about it. I couldn’t go back to bury him because I was here accompanying my husband. And there I was watching the New Year’s horizon, booming with the sound from the fire crackers, as if it was celebrating his death. I couldn’t even describe how I felt that night.

However, it’s already in the past and may Allah bless his soul. It’s best for me to focus on making my sister happy on her birthday. I know that I can be mean to her sometime, but she will always be my younger sister. I wish you all the best, my little sister. Take care of mom for me, ok? Promise?

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