Saturday, 4 December 2010

Saturday in a Nutshell

It's Saturday and I'm not going to write about stuffy things. I am white from head to toe right now, and I have to get the snow off my pants, my coat, my head even my gloves. We were playing and rolling on the snow as if the snow is ours. LOL!! Now I know, why snow sports are addictive. From now on, as long as I'm here, I'm gonna grab every chance I can get to play snow sports. That includes skating. The lake has started to freeze, so, yeay!! Being a late bloomer, I rode my first two-wheeled bicycle at 17 and I skate at the age of 23 and I am still learning. I remember when I first started to swim at 20, I can barely make it to 1 meter but I never gave up and now it seems like a breath of fresh air. I guess, you will never know until you try.

So, our saturday starts with Oliebollen, or oil balls or Dutch Doughnuts we shared with Grace. I thought this could fuel us for our 'adventurous' (lol) activity and we were right. You just need one and you will feel warm enough to pursue with your day. The unique thing about oliebollen is that it's only enjoyed by the locals around autumn and winter. While we were nibbling on our oliebollen, a Dutch woman walked by asking us "Lekker*?" and together we replied "Lekker!!" and she said, "Leuk*!!" Haha, we probably looked like we just had our first bite of oliebollen, thus the question.

Then, we continued our uphill cycling journey to the Botanical Garden. It was a bumpy and slippery ride, but we reached there safe without skinned knees. We were just surveying the place and found our perfect slope. The snow wasn't that thick enough but it was slippery enough to slide on. We had so much fun and wish to do it again soon. On our way back, we went to the the farmers' market when the snow was falling cats and dogs and the visibility was very low. I was eating the snow as I was riding my white unicorn. Now, I'm safe under the cover . In an nutshell, it was a super sleigh weekend. There goes my Saturday, Ho! Ho! Ho!

*Leuk: Nice
*Lekker: Delicious

P.S: Waiting for the snow to get thicker by the day.

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