Saturday, 1 January 2011

Potato Patties Recipe

I got this recipe from my mom's friend mother years ago. Since then, I never looked the other way for another. Her recipe makes the most succulent and moist pegedel that is never bland. The secret to this recipe is the blend of spices it uses which is the most vital element people tend to overlook. Let’s start with the ingredient.

The Main Ingredients
1 kg potatoes thickly sliced
300 g minced beef/lamb
8 shallots finely and evenly sliced to make bawang goreng
Fry all of the ingredients; the first being potato until golden and then the shallots and lastly the minced beef. Mash the potato and the minced beef together with a potato masher or use a mortar and pestle. Add in the fried shallots and mix them well.

The Herbs
Spring onion
Celery leaves
Chop them very finely add it into the above mixture.

The Spices
This is the part where a pegedel gets its character. You will need:
1-2 cinnamon stick(s)
2 star anises
3-4 cardamon(s)
White pepper and salt to taste

Use a mortar and pestle or a dry blender to grind them until they become powdery. Sprinkle them over the above mixture. Crack in 1-2 whole eggs to add moisture and to bind them well together. Season the patty mixture with white pepper and salt. Mix all of them well so that the spices are evenly distributed. Shape them into patties. ‘Egg wash’ them before frying. Serve it as a snack for brunch/tea or as a side dish for soups and rice vermicelli like my last Ramadhan dish, shown above. My in-laws, on the other hand, love to eat pegedel with chili sauce. My friend, G, loves eating them with soy sauce. It seems like pegedel get along so well with everything. Haha. I hope you really enjoy this recipe.

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