Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Pregnancy Journey

I remember being pregnant as if it was just yesterday. The pregnancy was a surprise to both of us. We tested twice because we doubted it. Anyway, I started my study in September 2011 knowing that I was around 3 months pregnant. I thought there was no point giving up on the greatest opportunity just because I am pregnant. So, I managed to follow up with classes until early February 2012. At that time I was at the very last stage of my pregnancy (around 37 weeks). It is still fresh in my memory that I could not wait for the 2 weeks Christmas holiday where I can spend my time in bed and working around the house to prepare for the arrival of our baby. As soon as the last exam of the period ended, I went to Blokker (a Dutch home goods store) and bought a lot of scented candles to unwind. Cycling to classes everyday, doing assignments and sitting for exams was draining me that I thought I deserved a little pampering. At that time, my nesting instinct was just starting to kick in. However, I just was not ready to bring my study to a halt. So, I did continue with my study after the Christmas holiday ended. I was determined to get as many subjects done so I do not have a lot to catch up after my maternity leave ended. I have to say that I was really grateful for my baby for making me so strong and positive throughout my pregnancy.  I was really driven and motivated  that I wish to be pregnant again to get that energy back. Being pregnant gave me such a power to do everything. I knew it came from Him because that was what I prayed for a lot when I was pregnant and indeed, I felt like a superwoman. Fuhh, just thinking about it gives me chills..
Besides classes, we were both very busy moving and packing things to move to our new apartment at the same time. It was November 2011 that we finally moved to a bigger house that is more suitable to start a family.Luckily, we have friends who helped us a lot with moving our things to our new apartment that we are living now. We moved to a place that is located at the highest point in Wageningen and that could only mean one thing, further and more intense cycling. Thankfully, I have the strength to push it through. It was definitely a climb. Then, at 35 weeks of my pregnancy I was having troubles lifting my legs to get on my bicycle, so that was when I decided to take it slow. However, I still cycled every now and again.  Lucky for me, the next semester was just a self study subject. That means I can just do my work from the comforts of my home. In between that and my preparation for birth I tried to cramp some time to look for baby stuffs. We found a little place that sells baby's stuffs and it was on clearance at the time. So, we bought some clothes, a mattress, some bedding, stroller rain cover, blankets, a footmuff and a bath tub. As a newbie, we used this guide to help us shopped for our baby. It tells us the how much we needed certain items, so it was very helpful.  And then, it was furniture shopping. Here in The Netherlands, the cheapest furniture is from IKEA. We made several trips there, sometimes we went there right after class and believe you me I exhausted myself just from walking. I remember having swollen legs from too much walking and standing up.
Despite all the things that happened, at the end of the day, there were just my husband and me and that is what matters to me. I do not know how I am going to get through without him holding my hands. He has been my rock and honestly I could not ask for a better husband. He was there to tie my shoe laces when I could no longer see my feet and he was and still there everytime I needed him. Our experience here together has certainly brought us closer to each other and closer to Allah. It was even more when Najla came along. Watching Najla grew and moved in my belly was really surreal. We would poked her butt and she would respond in return. It was also great to feel her hiccups inside me. Yes, she is a very hiccup-y baby. Najla has been our little companion ever since she was in my womb. And I do not mind being stucked with her for the rest of my life. With her around, we are no longer the two lonely people we used to be. :-)


  1. very well written Fatimah! Congratulations! Love, kak huda

    1. thank you kak huda..saje tulis supaya tak lupa..


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