Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Clarisonic: A review

This is a picture of what occupied part of the shelf above my sink. If you are wondering what this is, it is a Clarisonic. You can read the details of this beauty tool online everywhere. What it does in short is basically cleanse your skin using sonic wave where it claims to be more thorough than manual cleansing. It can be used with any cleansers that you have at hand. It is a kind of physical exfoliation that will also remove dead skin cells from your skin. The bristle will vibrate for 1 minute in which you will move it across your face for that period of time.What I am going to write here today is telling you what it does for my skin.
First, a little bit about my skin. I have a combination-oily skin type in the summer and it changes to dry-combination in the winter. I rarely have acne or pimples except for some occasional whiteheads. I still do have acne scaring and enlarged pores from past acne I had years ago.
I have been using this for nearly a year now. So, I thought it is a good time to give a review. I have definitely seen a difference on the appearance of my skin. I noticed that it is more refined, radiant and polished. My skin has been under control since using this. Also, my acne scars have certainly lightened up and I have noticed that I have been using less and less powder or foundation. Sometimes, I will just let my skin breathe and not wearing anything except for my sunscreen and face serum.
Allow me to emphasize that this is not a miracle tool but it is something that enhances the look of your skin and increases the performance of your skincare. It still means that you still have to take good care of your skin by toning and moisturizing and it remains true that you still have to protect your skin everyday with an SPF moisturizer.
Now, the question is do you need to have it? It is all up to you. I would recommend reading on reviews and knowing more about the product first. It is certainly not a must-have but it is an investment. You will have it for the rest of your life and it only needs a brush replacement once every 4 to 6 months. In my personal opinion, as long as you take a good care of your skin, you do not need this. I bought this frankily to see a difference in my skin and I did see the difference. I have been using chemical and enzyme exfoliant which I think also helped with refining my skin which I will talk about soon.
See you in the next post.

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