Monday, 31 December 2012

First a cake pop maker, then a takoyaki

After watching Cooking with Dog channel on YouTube a while ago, I have been wanting to make takoyaki. After all, we have reserved some squid tentacles in the freezer for months just for making takoyaki. There was one obstacle; we did not have a takoyaki maker. At first, I thought of using a poffertjes pan which looks like this but the hole is just not deep enough. We searched high and low for it and we just could not justify buying it online. And then one day I saw an appliance called a cake pop maker which looks somewhat like this. I thought it could be the next best substitute for an actual takoyaki maker. I jumped when I saw that it was on sale in Blokker and grabbed it straight away. In my head I prayed that it would work just fine. I looked sometime ago in the internet that people outside Japan would use a muffin pan but I found out only yesterday that more people are using the cake pop maker to make takoyaki.So, I know it should work. The only downside is the takoyaki will not be as big but I can live with that.
So there goes my story about how a cake pop maker can also be a takoyaki maker. And then there's the takoyaki itself. Obviously, I got the recipe from Cooking with Dogs channel where they have the measurements for the ingredients written down at the end of each show. We have some of the ingredients already and managed to find the dashi kombu from our local organic shop and the Japanese mayo at the town next to ours. As for the Bonito flakes, we had it gifted by our good friend Grace when she was on holiday in Japan last year. They cooked for about half an hour with constant turning to make them spherical and to cook them evenly. I have to say, it was so much fun making it and worth the effort. They taste just how I imagined them to be!! No wonder the Japanese love it. And let me tell you, the mayo is so so good. It tastes even better than a conventional mayo you get in the supermarket. Every element in this dish complements each other so well.

Ok, so enough raving about it and let's see some images I captured whilst making it to give you a better idea.

Our cake pop maker cum takoyaki maker
The end results..I literally ate all of them
So, there you have it. The secret is out. If you can find a takoyaki maker near you, that would be the best but if you don't, try a cake pop maker instead!! Have you ever ate or made takoyaki before? What do you think of it? See you in the next post and have a happy new year!!


  1. Salam
    Nice blog you have here. I have the same cake pop maker as you do. I was contemplating to buy a takoyaki maker despite having a cake pop maker hehe just because it is on offer :). Takbleh boros2 huhuhu...was it easy to handle? Because the cakepop maker has two sides. Did you close the maker while making your takoyaki or you just left it open?

    Thanks a lot...Will be reading more of your post.We do have something in common :). Best Regards

    1. waalaikumussalam little moster...hehe..funny name..thank you. I did not remember closing the takoyaki lid but I did remember turning the takoyaki over..I think it was very easy to handle but maybe it took a little too long to cook compared to the original..


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