Monday, 17 December 2012

For Palestine

Sometimes, I just got frustrated at what happened in Palestine. As a citizen of the world, I cannot help but wonder why after so many years, this issue is still unresolved. If I were a Palestinian, I would have given up but truly I am not them. They have never given up no matter how hard and how long they have been a refugee in their own land. So, Palestine, this is for you for being so relentless and strong defending your land.



The land of the lucky,

Lucky to die a martyr,

Lucky to be guaranteed paradise,

Lucky to be living like you are dying tomorrow.


You have a special place in our hearts,

You have a special place in our prayers,

I pray that one day miracle will happen,

And you will be living freely under the sun.


You deserve nothing but happiness,

to live your lives like everybody else,

to have a better future,

I know that no matter how long you have waited,

That day will come,

One day victory will be yours…..

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