Monday, 24 December 2012

My Prenatal Routine

Throughout my pregnancy, I established a routine dedicated to my pregnant self. Here are some of them I can share with you:

  1. Nutrition: It is a given that most pregnant women are more aware of what they eat during pregnancy. I, for example would take folic acid and other vitamins. During pregnancy, I also noticed that I would drink A WHOLE LOT of water. I was constantly thirsty and I would always have my water close by. In the food department, we would spend more to buy omega-enriched eggs or free-range eggs because they contain the most nutrition than battery eggs. Of course, there were always vegetable at every mealtime. Portion wise, I would eat the same serving size as I would when I was not pregnant. The portion shrunk as my baby got bigger because there was not enough gut space to carry all the food. I would avoid eating raw eggs, salty food, sugary food, soft cheeses and raw fish or sushi entirely.
  2. Beauty: My pregnancy hormones had cause me to look somewhat darker than what I used to look however I did not develop pregnancy spots or patches. I simply had a darker skintone. I went on with my usual skincare routine. The most noticeable change was my belly. I developed a linea negra which is a distinct black vertical line in the middle of it. It fades gradually after birth and now it is already gone. It also grew bigger and bigger everyday. I was concerned of getting stretch marks so I did all I could to prevent them. Despite a good diet to have a healthy weight gain, I would moisturize my belly with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil and Palmer's Olive Butter Body lotion everyday, twice a day without fail. Alhamdulillah, I did not know if they worked but I certainly did not develop any stretch marks. I noticed that the Olive butter made my skin firmer so my belly got back to its usual shape quite fast. I would recommend it 100%.
  3. Emotional wellbeing: Staying positive definitely helped. I read the Quran a lot but unfortunately I could not finish the entire verse. Between study and getting our home ready for the baby I barely had the time to really sit down and relax with Quran in my hand. I read Surah Luqman, Maryam, Ibrahim the most and I especially love to read Surah Ar Rahman because it reminded me how much I have to be thankful for everything. Some days I would light myself a  scented candle and just have a cup of ice cream.
  4. Perineal Massage: I was googling something about tearing during pregnancy when I found out that there are ways I can prevent tearing and the "ring of fire" sensation when my baby's head is crowning. I agree when they say that that those are the two most feared things among pregnant women. Anyway, I was in my first trimester when I knew about this. I started to incorporate perineal massage into my routine when I was about 30 weeks pregnant. I would have my husband to do it for me every other day until the day of my baby's birth. So I have him to thank for. I have to say that it was painful at first but have the courage to withstand the pain. After all, the real thing is much more painful.  This massage involves stretching your vaginal muscle until you feel a tingling sensation. Day by day, you will notice that you will be able to stretch bigger without feeling an intense tingling because your muscles have stretched and elasticized. For me, it had certainly helped me to visualize and anticipate the real birth that I was about to face. So, it kinda got me into the situation before it actually happened and have my mind ready for it. When it happened, I did not feel the "ring of fire" sensation and I was shocked and grateful to Allah when the midwife told me that I did not require any episiotomy or stitching up which I knew is also a painful process. The pain was only from the contractions. For those who wanted to try, be sure to get everything right. Read the instructions carefully.  There are also videos available online to help you. I am an advocate of prevention, so I am here to tell you that it is all worth the effort in the end and InshaAllah it will work for you too. It is not too late to start and you can even try it with your second pregnancy. I highly highly 100% recommend it.
I think I have covered most of what my prenatal care encompassed. I hope you have a lovely holiday wherever you are!! Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.

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