Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Parenthood: A Beautiful Distraction

I am writing this while breastfeeding my little angel.What better time to write this than having her close to me. First of all, I never thought of becoming a parent because I never thought that I can conceive. So, my life had always been centered around me mostly and my family. Life without Najla was carefree but it was unfulfilling.I kept on searching for the next best thing to feel accomplished and complete.

Since having Najla, my perspectives changed and my priorities shifted. I have to admit that I could no longer go to the gym and spend hours in there working out or sleep in on a Sunday morning or go to the cinema. It is not easy and challenging but those are things that make parenthood worthwhile. Life goes slower and it makes me notice and know many things that I did not know before.

Now, would I have my old life back? Never!! Why? It is just because I do not want to ever lose this beautiful little creature that distracts me.She is a kind of distraction that fills an empty space that I never thought was empty before. A kind of distraction that looks back at you and tells you that you are great. It is also a distraction that does not count as wasting my time when in fact it is the opposite.
Najla is a surprise gift for both of us and we know that she is the gift that keeps on giving. She will never fail to surprise us. It is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I have never thought that I could love a little stranger more than myself. She is my addiction.

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