Monday, 7 January 2013

Smoking is so dated

First and foremost, this post is not by any means directed to anyone nor it is intended to offend anybody. I would just like to write my thoughts on the new commercial that I see on Dutch television. It is an initiative to get people to think of smoking as something so old fashion. There are hundreds of these commercials already and each associates smoking to something dated or something that people do not like. Just how in many years ago advertisements showed how cool and fashionable smoking is, these advertisements show exactly the opposite, in a cool and funny way. These commercials are made possible by the Dutch Cancer Society.

I have some which I thought are funny:

If you were in The Netherlands before and around 2011 to early 2012, you can probably understand the humour. Strippenkaart is the old payment system for public transportation. Nowadays, we have switched to the OV-Chipkaart system which works just like an Oyster card in the UK.
Besides that, there are also:
  1. Roken is zooo een wheelie maken met omafiets which translates to smoking is like making a wheelie with an old fashion bike or basikal tua.
  2. Roken is zooo floppy disc which you can easily figure out the translation.
  3. Roken is zooo telefonboek or smoking is so Yellow Pages if you live in Malaysia.
I do not know if these commercials will help to encourage smokers to stop smoking but I do know that it is a fun and non-offensive way towards the goal. What's better is you can also make your own tagline of Roken is zooo ...... Just visit this website and make your own tagline you can also make a video, poster and t-shirt to go along with it. Owh, I have one!! Roken is zooo schrijfmachine which translates to "smoking is so typewriter." What's yours?


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