Monday, 27 May 2013

Survival Food for Ramadhan

Ramadhan is around the corner and fuh it's going to be hard for us here especially the first few days. Nearly 18 hours of fasting, I thought this time I would find food that can last me longer and sustain me when fatigue or hunger strikes. And below are what I have came out so far:

Chia seeds: I am quite new to this habit of eating chia seeds and 2013 is definitely the year for Chia seeds. I started eating chia seeds because I always find myself having to buy Omega-3 supplement at the health store everytime I ran out of it. And as a Muslim, finding Omega-3 that does not contain animal based gelatin is quite challenging and costly at the same time. So, I decided to find food that can give me just as high Omega-3 that my body needs which leads me to fish but we simply could not afford to have fish every single day. I keep searching and found Chia seeds through YouTube after watching CheckInTheMirror. I was not convinced by what she said so I gave it a whirl myself to see if it's really true. After several times accompanying Chia seeds in my eating routine, I have to say that it is amazing at keeping my stomach feel satiated before the next meal. I think it definitely helps for someone who wanted to snack less and for anybody who wants to prevent themselves from overeating. And the fact that you can put it in anything and it has no nasty taste makes it ideal to be eaten with anything. Sprinkle on top of your morning cereal or shakes or bread or anything, it adds a crunch factor to your meal. Besides that, you can even add it to your juice and it makes such a great thirst quencher that is packed with high fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids. So far, I have been making my Chia seed drinks every morning and it keeps me feeling full for hours. Most importantly, I stay alert and awake during the day. Sometimes I don't even feel hungry to have lunch, so, I just have a small serving of it. Based on this experience, I think I will definitely incorporate Chia seeds for Sahour this Ramadhan. Chia seeds are cheap and available in most health stores in The Netherlands. So, you should definitely try it this Ramadhan to keep you energetic at work!! There's no excuse to be less productive this Ramadhan.
Brown rice: Recently I have also been mixing my rice with brown rice. I simply cooked them together in my rice cooker. Even better, I think you can substitute white rice with brown rice entirely. I love brown rice!! Besides, it is more nutritious and more flavourful than white rice. The thing with brown rice and any other whole grains are they have complex carbohydrates. And what this means is they are going to burn slower throughout the day because they are more complex. So, our blood sugar will not go down drasticallly at the end of the day which may lead to hunger and fatigue. The high fiber and high protein content in brown rice will also keep us full longer. Since rice is our staple food, I think this idea is appropriate for us Malaysians. And don't forget to eat your veggies too and drink a lot of water because believe it or not dehydration is often being mistaken for hunger!!Keep in mind that balanced nutrition still applies even though it's Ramadhan. 
Ramdhan is about refraining ourselves from all things that could bring harm physically and spritually. It is not the month to eat excessively just because we have starved ourselves throughout the day. It's time to clean ourselves inside and out. With these tips I hope I can help you to stay productive this Ramadhan. Share your tips in the cooment below if you have any. I'd love to hear form you!!

See you in the next post!


  1. this is a nice tip! cant wait for Ramadan to come!

    1. thanks sabrina..tak sbar jugak nak tungu ramadhan..bestnye kalau dpt puasa kat malaysia..sob sob..

  2. coolio! :) thanks for the great tips!


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