Monday, 10 June 2013

Beauty Newbie: Lancome Gloss In Love

I was browsing through the beauty store recently and this gloss from Lancome caught my attention. It is called the Gloss in Love and it is launched this summer and will be part of their permanent line. The packaging was really intriguing as it is not the typical screw cap packaging. It's a click-on packaging. With a click on the square button, the cap will pop up gracefully. It's so therapeutic opening this. I know, you probably think I am weird but if you have sweaty palms or slippy palms, you would be grateful for this click and pop packaging. It makes applying gloss so easy.
Besides the packaging, the applicator is one of a kind too. It sets this gloss apart from other gloss I have tried before. It has this curved wand sspecifically made to mould the lips for a swift application without having to manoeuvre your hands a lot. The concave side is made for the lower lip and the convex side for the upper lip. Your lips are done in two swipes.
The shade selection is great too. I specifically love shade 385 and 391 but I only came home with the shade 385 Under The Spotlight. It's the very shade that Emma Watson was wearing in their ads. The shade is a sweet raspberry pinky red that suits every season especially summer.
Its claim: Its secret: at the heart of a magnifying glass-effect crystalline base, the breakthrough association of two polymers – one glossy, one flexible – to form a supple, shiny three-dimensional network on lips’ surface. Pigments and mother-of-pearl to shine through to their fullest potential, allowing for radiant colour with this new-generation absolute-comfort and non-sticky texture, able to moisturise lips for 6 hours.
The formula is what it claims to be. It feels comfortable, not gritty and pillowy on the lips. For the price, I think it is superior than other more expensive glosses I have tried. For me the pigmentation is just right, it's pigmented without being too opaque or too sheer. It's just pigmented enough to be worn alone and the colour will still be noticeable. It is now available at Lancome counter across The Netherlands. I am in love with Lancome Gloss In Love. Are you?
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