Tuesday, 11 June 2013

DIY: Chanel-Inspired Pearl Sunglasses

I love Chanel Sunglasses. If I could only have one,  I would buy myself the one with a bow on the side frame. Oh, what a beauty she is. This spring and summer, Chanel has come out with pearl-embellished sunnies and naturally with Chanel, it already has a strong cult following.
It's beautiful that I was inspired to make my own version of it. All you ever need are some heavy-duty glue, cheap sunglasses and faux pearl from your old accessories. Buy yourself some cheap and trendy sunnies from H&M, Forever 21 or Primark and you are halfway there. You may have some pearl jewelry lying around from your teen years and some household glue. For this DIY, I'd suggest picking up smaller type of pearls. You also need a pair of tweezer to pick up the pearls.
Ideally, you may need around 16 pearls for both sides. You can also add more and venture out with more fun designs. There's really no limit and there's always room for mistakes. First, you may want to start by applying a layer of glue on the corner. Then, quickly, pick one pearl at a time and place them on the glue. Repeat for the other side and make sure you resemble the pattern of the other.
Finally, wait for it to dry and set in place for 24 hours et voila you have your own Chanel-inspired sunnies!! I love the end results. It just looks classy and and chic at the same time. For monochrome lovers out there, this is definitely something for you!!

Rock it this summer or on Eid with your beautiful baju raya and you will look as if you just came from the Chanel runway.

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