Monday, 3 June 2013

Recipe Hideaways

Sometimes pen, paper, and notebook are just the elements we need to save information. If you have been following me you might be familiar with this post where I thought about how everybody should have their own recipe journal including yours truly.
Now, I have been collecting my recipes in this little hardcover book that I have been referring to ever so often. However, I found that it lacks proper compartmentalization and protection. What I meant by that is, I can easily damage the book and I found my recipes are all mixed in there. I always found my self having to flip the page everytime I need to refer to a recipe that I am cooking. However, with this, it has a special holder for each recipe card which means there will be no more grubby fingerprints on my paper!! And then, who likes going back and forth to their laptops to see if they follow the recipe right. Sorry, not me.
That was history until I found Jamie Oliver's Vintage Recipe Card Tin. I found it while shopping at the local supermarket around Christmas time last year. It was on sale and naturally I took it from the shelves. What's nice about it is it comes complete with double sided little cards to write your recipe on and it also comes with sections; appetizeres, desserts, etc.
Overall, I think it is a really precious keepsake. The tin compartment just give it a vintage feel.The compartments inside reminded me of the old fashioned filing system you see in Mad Men or something. Of course, you can always DIY this but sometimes I just love the feeling of instant gratification from buying stuffs. I think it's just so basic that it is perfect at the same time.
See you in the next post.

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