Sunday, 2 June 2013

Skincare Sunday #1: Hydraluron Review

I thought of doing a skincare review every Sunday if I can find a product that I have been trying for a while. I will start my maiden skincare review with Hydraluron, a serum that is applied before your moisturizer. It has the purest form of hyaluronic acid and if you don't know already, hyaluronic acid is good for giving hydration to the skin because it can hold moisture/water 1000 times its own weight. In return, the skin will never be dehydrated. Have it in mind that oily skin can also be dehydrated and when it is, it will produce more oil to compensate that. As a result, the skin becomes even more oily. Hydration is key for all skin types and it is something so basic that if it fails, anything else you put on the skin, be it dark spot corrector, pimple cream etc. will not work as well as you expected it to be. It also supports collagen assembly so it's a good anti aging products.

Now, having said tha,t I have tried this for a good 6 months and I am currently on my second tube. Before starting on my second tube I did try another serum sample that I have lying around.You know, just to see if my skin missed Hydraluron. I was right. Without Hydraluron, my skin started to show some dry patches especially on the tip of my nose and on my cheeks. They'd flake in some spots too.  This never happens with Hydraluron.

A little bit about the product; it is a colourless and a non-scented gel. It has just a slight tackyness after being applied on the skin but it absorbs into the skin in a blink of an eye. It is a fuss-free product and it works. I found that my dark spot corrector cream that I apply on top works faster than it does without it. I guess the hyaluronic acid in it must have absorbed it all into my skin.

Unfortunately, it is not readily available everywhere, not even online. What I'd advise is finding alternative serums that have hyaluronic acid/sodium hyaluronate (its salt form) as one of its primary ingredient. The one I found so far is Filorga Hyal-Defence which I have not tried yet. If you are in Asia, I think Hada Labo has something more or less similar.

If you have suggestion on other products that have hyaluronic acid in them be sure to tell me in the comment section below.

Talk to you later.



  1. I have this tube too in my house, used 1 / 2 times, it just normal for me...but aft read ur review, im gonna try and test it in more ways.

    Mind to follow each via GFC?

    Hope u visiting back my blog and tell me ur ans :) waiting for ur reply...I will follow u back once u follow me

    1. yeah you should just give it a go..try it unfer a hydrating mask as well and you will thank yourself for that..


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