Sunday, 9 June 2013

Skincare Sunday #2: Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask

I love masks. I feel like some of them work miracles on the skin. They are just that element that I grabbed when my skin feels a little blah. You know, sometimes your skin needs a little boost and sometimes your skincare routine is just not cutting it. Pop a mask and problems solved.
Speaking of problems, my skin have been so dry lately. Maybe it's the change in the weather that I feel like my skin needs more hydration. So, I thought this mask will sort it out. I have tried this mask three times already in the past so I know it would work. Only, when I was using them in the past my skin was not this dry. So, I thought if it works now, this mask is defintely a keeper.
This mask is an overnight mask which means you put it on before bed and wash it off when you wake up. It's a great product if you are a mom and for times you don't want to be bothered with layering 4 different kinds of products on your face. It has hyaluronic acid, plant glycerin, avacado oil, japanese seaweed etc. to help give moisture and lock it into your skin. The smell of this is just heavenly fruity. So, expect some aromatherapy effect from this mask. The ingredients are formulated without nasty ingredients and it is plant-based.
The verdict? I love this mask. My dry patches were gone the next morning!! This is the best hydratin mask I have tried so far and it's definitely superior than my Loreal Hydrafresh mask which also serve the same purpose. I would really recommend you getting it. It cost around  €27 fror 100 ml which is not that expensive for  a mask that works.
So that is alll for today's skincare reviews. Talk to you soon!!


  1. I've seen this on so many blogs and I can't help but agree, I've just finished my first tube and I'm in desperate need of repurchasing. xx

  2. I love all Origins product especially the charcoal mask and out of trouble. :)

    1. me too!!can't wait to try more!!


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