Thursday, 20 June 2013

Summer Sunshine Scents

 Tonight's post is rather an olfactory-centered one. Six different spectrum of my favourite summer perfumes. From musky, floral, fruity, fresh, sweet to zesty.
Let's start with my most favourite; the YSL Parisienne. If you have not sniffed this, I commend you to as soon as possible. It's so addictive and it reminds me of my chilhood favourite sweets which are the grape flavoured Sugus and Sochews. You might be familiar with it if you were born in Malaysia. It's been a year since I first bought it and it's still going strong. It's just one of those perfume that you will not stop smelling yourself.
Vera Wang Lovestruck on the other hand is something I picked up for the bottle and Leighton Meester being the face of the perfume. It's my first sweet and musky scented perfume. I'd say that the scent is definitely an acquired taste. I can see why so many people including myself  love it. If you do not like smelling like a bakery, you might want to steer clear form this. Also, the scent does not last throughtout the day.
Now, who doesn't love Marc Jacobs Daisy. Cute packaging, feminine, fruity and fresh scent, the perfume has already established a cult following. They always came up with limited edition every summer and mine is the Marc Jacobs Daisy Hot Pink Edition. It is akin to the original Daisy but on the fresher and more on the floral side of things.
The next perfume screams vacation in the Carribean!! It's the Ralph by Ralph Lauren. Back in the day, it used to be my roommate, Kak Ratni's favourite perfume. I remember the scent until today. It just smell so fresh and fruity at the same time. I simply love it!! For an EDT it definitely lasts a long time.
The one that inspired me to do this post today is the Rituals Happy Mist Organic Mandarin and Yuzu Bed and Body Perfume. I was in a hurry this morning and I simply grabbed it from my bedside vanity and I could not stop smelling myself the entire day I was at the office. I have used it before for my pillow and duvet and really love the energizing citrus scent. For a non-sophisticated perfume with only one note, it's definitely a good one. It's something light that you would be drawn to wear around summertime to beat the sweltering heat.
Last but not least is the Issey Miyake Florale. I remember really wanting it last summer and my husband actually bought it as our anniversary gift. True to its name, it is as floral as can be. I was naturally attracted to this perfume because I love rose scented perfume. This is a flower shop in a bottle.

I love how fragrances can remind you of the memories you had in the past and how it brighten and put a smile on your face. Everytime I need a pick-me-up, I always smell my wrist and all of a sudden I feel better. What about you? Share your favourite summer perfumes below.

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