Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Building Your First Makeup Kit

Have you ever walked into a drugstore to buy one makeup item only to be confused with all the choices and later walked out empty handed?

So, today I thought of doing a post that could help you the next time you go shopping for makeup. This post will mostly benefit someone who's just started to get into makeup'. So let's just go ahead and get started.


I think, two types of bases are a must have in every girl's collection. I would suggest a BB cream for everyday makeup and a medium coverage but buildable foundation for special days if you are going to an event. The Catrice 6-in-1 is such a good all rounder and Loreal True Match foundation is a great foundation to have because it comes in a big selection of shades. So, there is something for everyone. Apart from that, a mattfying powder is also an essential especially for someone with an oily skin. I'd suggest the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder and the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.


For bad skin days, you need a good concealer to rely on. The Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation Stick will do the job. The texture of the product is so creamy unlike any other stick concealer or foundation I have come across. Even though it is marketed as a foundation, it can also double up as a heavy duty concealer. To cover the dark underye circle, I would suggest getting Garnier Dark Circle underye roller if you have a prominenet dark circles. For some reason I always prefer using this over my Bobbi Brown Corrector just because it's so easy to apply. For someone who doesn't really suffer from dark circles under the the eyes, the Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation is great if you just need to even out your undereye skin tone because it blends seamlessly to your own skin colour.


I could not speak highly enough of Catrice Eyebrow Stylist. It's just the best brow pencil out there, You can never go wrong with this even if you are just starting to try. The pencil is waxy so it is hard to go overboard with this. For some colours on the lid, definitely try palettes. As you maybe a beginner, you don't really know what colours work well on you. Try the MUA Undressed Palette or the Catrice All About Nudes Palette. If you don't like to choose which colour to use, an eyeshadow trio or a quad is the way to go. Wet n Wild, Maybelline and Loreal make some good palettes. Word of advice: go for a neutral/earthy tones palette because you are going to get a lot of wear out of it. For lazy and busy days, choose a cream eyeshadow and the Mayblline Color Tattoo is the best one out there from the drugstore. To line your eyes, the Loreal Super Slim Eyeliner is a good liqiud eyeliner for beginners. Also, try the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer for a non-smudgy eyeliner look. It comes in a twist up applicator so no sharpening is required. Last but never the least, mascara is a must. Simply choose one that works for you. Maybelline has a good varietyof mascaras but Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black is my top favourite.


Girls got to have options right? I think it's nice to have one cream blush and one powder blush. For cream blush, the Max factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush is a perfect to start your blush collection. Trust me, it won't leave you disappointed. Bourjois Potted Blush is also a good option for beginners because they are not super pigmented. So, it is very impossible to overdo your blush. You can build up the colour layer by layer.


If I were a beginner, I would prefer sheer lip colours compared to opaque, super pigmented lipstick. I love love love the Bourjois Color Boost and the Loreal Caresse lipstick formulas. In my opinion they have a higher end feel to them. The texture is so luxurious and moisturizing,. They are also glossy at the same time so you don't need a gloss. If you love lipgloss, you can never go wrong with NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss. They come in more than twenty colours and different finishes. I can get away with just wearing only this gloss and feel good instantly.

So I hope you benefit fom this post and I am very glad to help you with your first makeup purchase!! Put them in your next shopping list!!


  1. Hi Fatimah, thanks for sharing these tips.
    I'm a makeup newbie and was wondering on what products to get for starters. I went on a makeup shopping spree recently and realized I have overspent too too much products.
    Well your post really did help me on lots, I wont have to go crazy or gaga on what to buy when I go makeup shopping now... :D

    1. thank you for reading..i formulated this because I myself keep using the same product over and over fact this past few days, i was only using the products in the picture because they allfit in one makeup bag so id unhave to go through each drawers..i understand the feeling,sometimes we bought too many lipsticks and not much of everything else..we dn't need much makeup but we need good performing makeup..


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