Thursday, 18 July 2013

Comfy Pants for Summer!!

Summer is here. It is hot, dry, sweaty and muggy. I also find that the European sun is stronger than the ones we have in Malaysia. I can get burnt in a matter of minutes. When summertime hits home, I am always drawn to light and loose fabrics like linen, silk and cotton. They are simply breathable. For pants, I love chinos, harem pants and linen trousers. And, this summer, it's all about colours and patterns for me.

I have never been a jeans kinda girl. As a matter of fact, I purchased my first denim when I was 22 years old!! I kinda peer-pressured into buying it. Mary and Awi I am looking at you!! Lol!! Anyway, I still love that pair of jeans but I don't wear them as much during summer.

So here, I have a few of my favourite summer pants. White pants are always in for summer but for some reasons I just found them a little old fashioned. So, neutral colours like beige are your best bet because they are subtle and classy at the same time. For a pop of colour to your outfit, why not pair it with neon and fun coloured pants? I love a little bit of fluorescent pink, orange and yellow. They are both great when paired with neutral coloured tops or even floral tops. A recent addition is the tribal print pants. I love them to pieces!! I have been wearing it two days straight. No joke!! They are just comfortable  and so airy especially since I am always cycling to uni. If you have been following me on Instagram @fatimahearts you might have ssen a little ootd featuring this pair of pants. And today, I paired them with a denim shirt which look just as great.

So , there you have it!! My favourite summer pants revealed. Now, it's time to put your jeans away and embrace colours for summer!!

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