Monday, 29 July 2013

Favourite Summer Shoes!!

The sun is shining brightly and it is now time to change your footwear to a more airy and breathable kind. Nobody wants sweaty feet in summer. And most important for me is they have to be comfortable.
My Crochet Toms shoes are just the perfect pair this summer. I love them to pieces!! They are so comfortable it's like walking on pilows. The sole is so cushion-y  and soft and the crocheted fabric just wraps my feet gracefully. The inner sole is also structured to mould your feet. I think everybody should own a pair of TOMS because they are just so well made and high quality. They may look like nothing but on, they are da bomb. Plus, every pair of TOMS you buy, another pair will be donated to the less fortunate.
Next in line, are these Timberland slip ons that looks like a pair of boat shoes but not quite. I like it that it's not a boat shoe but are designed to look like one. It's more open than boat shoes which I like.

I have never been a fan of flip flops and Birkenstocks. So, to have both elements in one shoes are just perfect. Not quite a flip flop but more beautiful than a pair of Birkenstock are these Lamazani pairs. I always wear them on weekends and of course they are comfortable to walk in. Just make sure that you apply sunscreen on your feet first to prevent from getting a shoe tan lines.
The next pair are these Geox wedges I owned for four years now. I have actually worn them across Rome four summers ago without any blisters being formed. Unlike any wedges I own this is a winner in the comfort department. If  you are looking for a pair of wedges, try Geox because they make one comfortable pair of wedges.
Last but not least are my leather Vagabond Mary Jane pair that I wear almost everyday. I love them bacause they add a touch of femininity to any outfit. They are comfortable and so light, it fells like I am wearing nothing on. They don't cut my feet and I don't have to break the shoes to have them fit me. I hate doing that. When I buy shoes I will make sure that they fit perfectly well the first time. I just don't buy the "Oh, you'll break the shoes in once you wear it." crap. It never worked on me.
Anyways, what's your favourite shoes to wear when the weather is hot?

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  1. Love that Mary Jane!!
    I have one sandal, Nautifit kalau x silap. I was judging the sandal by its brand. Haha. But after dah try.. comfy sangat2! Use it for my Bandung trip, x sakit kaki at all. Now dah jadi my fav everyday sandal. Hihi.


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