Tuesday, 23 July 2013

HEMA Stationery Haul

Last weekend I went to shop for stationeries at HEMA. HEMA, is the equivalent of Giant or Mydin in Malaysia although I think HEMA products are better in quality. The new term is about to start so I needed a new planner.  I don't know about the rest of the world, but the way the Dutch design their planner is slightly different. Each planner starts from August of that year to July of next year. So every July or August you will find yourself buying a new one if you live in The Netherlands.

Anyway, as I was browsing through the Hema stationery section, I was surprised and happy to see that they have such cute, vintage-y looking stationery. They also have photo albums, wedding gifts, collage book, sticky notes folder (yep, you heard that righ. so your sticky notes will be in one place!!), files,  paperclips, notebooks, to do lists etc. that are equally beautiful in designs and colours. Believe it or not they have a section dedicated for men's stationeries where the designs are more manly. HEMA is really stepping up their game this time while still keeping the price affordable. All of the stationeries are around 1-5 euros only!!

To this day, I am still impressed with the products they have. If you are looking for an affordable and beautiful stationery to get you excited for the next study term, look no further than HEMA. You can watch my vlog video here to see the whole collection of stationeries that they have. I came home with a planner, a to do list for my blogging notes and a set of pens.

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