Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Food by Fatma #2: Laichi Kang with Chia Seeds

It's the perfect summer drink and it's called Laichi Kang. Basically, it's  a sweet broth with fruits and grass jelly. I love Laichi Kang. It is such a refreshing drink that can be enjoyed warm or cold with ice. You can never have ebough of it. It's a combination of palm sugar, longan or lychee, grass jelly, red dates, peanuts and a lot of other things. Its always been my drink of choice whenever I eat out alongside Limau Ais or Lime Juice with Ice.
This drink is a perfect thirst quencher everytime and even more so during Ramadhan.  It has a lot of texture to it from the various components it has in the drink which makes it exciting and enjoyable to drink. Almost all of the ingredients can be found here in The Netherlands although some other ingredients are not as essential. For my Laichi kang, I mixed in Chia seeds which makes a perfect substitute for biji selasih. On the same note, you can also find biji selasih here in The Netherlands. So, use whatever you prefer.
To make it you need:
10 pieces of dried red dates
some raisins
longan or lychee in syrup
grass jelly (cincau) cut into small cubes
some peanuts
chia seeds soaked beforehand or biji selasih
palm sugar, you can use brown sugar as an alternative
raw sugar or you can also use table sugar
and some ice if you like it cold
There's really not a recipe for this because whatever amount of water you added into the pot, the sugar s added depending on how sweet you want your laichikang to be.
Once you have adjusted the sweetness of your sweet broth, turn on your gas, add the red dates and let the broth simmer. Let the red dates soaked until it is soft and slightly plump.
And then, turn off the stove and add the rest of the ingredients.
When it's about time to serve, grab a goblet and put some ice and pour the laichi kang into the goblet
It wil make a perfect starter or dessert that is simple to make yet it will keep you coming back for more, seriously. Plus, it's very low in calories so you can postpone the ice cream for later.
I really hope you find this helpful and I recommend you to try it the next time you think of buying one.

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