Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ramadhan Series #3: How to Stay Alert While Fasting

Let's face it, even though it's Ramadhan everything else around us still revolves. Having said that, I have came up with some tips and tricks on how to stay alive and alert during Ramadhan:

  1. Eat good food during Sahur and Ifthar. Pay attention to quality versus quantity. Eat more whole and balanced food. You can read more about it here.
  2. Keep moving like you normally do. Do whatever you used to do before Ramadhan. If you are not an active person,be one especially during Ramadhan. When we fast, our whole system is slowing down, so by not moving you are basically turning your body off, then sleepiness sets in. Move around, and you suddenly forget that you are fasting.
  3. Along the same line of the above, don't forget to exercise. Light exercise will do or if you are used to cycling or running before Ramadhan just continue to do the same. A Ramadhan ago, I used to run in the evening with my husband and this year we cycle to our university almost everyday. It's really nice getting your blood flow going and the oxygeen into your lungs. I have never felt healthier.
  4. Drink a lot of fluid at ifthar and sahur. It's the hottest season now, so we need all the hydartion we can get.
  5. Be happy. After all, it's Ramadhan. I always view it as the month full of Allah's generosity. Look forward to ifthar and sahur and recite the Quran and you will feel at peace.
  6.  Last but never the least, always be aware of our actions. By being aware and you are practising self reflection and that makes you alert.
So this is what I have came up with. I hope you will benefit from it and if you have more suggestions and tips, don't forget to shareit in the comments below!!

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