Monday, 8 July 2013

The Bridal Shower: Hearts and Ribbons

On my Instagram @fatimahearts, I have posted pictures of  my friends and me having a fun day at Luisa's bridal shower. It was summer, the sun was out and outdoors we went. We decorated our picnic spot with love being the decoration theme and tapas for our sustenance. The event was planned weeks ahead with nothing but fun times in mind. We played games, had a spa day, manicures and later had a delicious Thai dinner and gelato for dessert. It was such an amazing times because it's been a while since I had a girls day out with my girlfriends!! Ok, now enough typing and I will let the pictures speak.

Hearts and ribbons on the trees

The decor done before the arrival of the bride-to-be

Our table cloth haute couture bridal gown

The bride-to-be is ready to walk the aisle!!



Waiting for the Polaroid to develop

Sets of questions the bride has to answer

A bunch of punishment to choose from if she gets it wrong

The interview video of the groom answering the same set of questions

If she gets the answer right we are to be punished

With a painting on any part of our body

Played Saboteur, and the goldseeker won!!

The bride and groom origami made by Kun

One of us with Luisa.
This will be one of the fondest memories that I will remember. To Luisa and Frederik, we hope you have a lovely wedding and a happy life together.   
Fatima, Naim and Najla 


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