Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Food for Health

I am a firm believer of eating good and whole food. I have since shunned anything processed food like chicken nuggets or hot dogs. I like to prepare anything I eat from scratch to the point where I know and I can say every single ingredient that goes into it.

However, there are just times when I need that extra nutrients in my diets simply because I am not sure if I have eaten enough to nourish myself. So, in this post, I revealed the food and supplements that I consume to help me in that department. Let's start from:


-Brown rice: Did you know thousands of years ago our ancestors used to eat brown rice? They are wild and therefore more robust than their white counterpart. They contain more nutrients and vitamins than white rice which only composed of mostly carbohydrate. I really love the taste and it has a good texture to it; not so mushy like white rice can be. They are great in Rice Pilaf, Butter rice or nasi minyak. I normally add half brown rice and half white rice in my meal. I am thinking of totally eating brown rice altogether the next time.


-Extra Virgin Coconut oil: I think it’s all over the internet on the benefits of Coconut oil, particularly Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The best thing about it is, it has a high amount of good fat in it which contributes and aids in weight loss!! It is a fat that make you lose awesome is that? I normally incorporate it my meal by using as oil when stir frying and even added it to my rice for taste. It tastes like a good ol’ Nasi Lemak which is a win-win for me.


-Chia seeds: I first talked about it on my Instagram, @fatimahearts. I normally have them in juices or in my green juice. They are super food. These tiny little wonder has more omega-3 than salmon!! It is a great food if you want to practise portion control with your food because it will keep you feeling full for longer. You can read more about it here.


-Raw sugar and stevia: This is a recent addition to my diet. I started about a month ago by only buying raw sugar and plant based sugar for my household. When I first learn about raw sugar, I thought to myself isn’t all sugars raw? Eh, no the white sugar that we had all our lives are actually refined to make them more concentrated with only sucrose thus making them white. What happened was the sugars are no longer in its natural state. They lose the vital substances which make them easier to digest and not deposited on our body as fat. Besides that, I also have Stevia, a type of sugar harvested from a plant called Stevia sp. It is low in calories, great for diabetic individual, great for someone who wants to lose weight and great for someone who has a sweet tooth. So, dessert lovers out there, this is for you!!


Supplements: I am currently taking Resveratrol and Omega-3. One for my skin and another for my brain. I first read about it Resveratrol on The Beauty Department Blog where they explained that it is important to consume Resveratrol when you are using a niacin-based moisturizer in your skincare routine. That way your skin will not work too much to renew the skin.


So these are mainly the food I ate to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Of course, whatever it is, in everything that you do, remember this; moderation is key. What is your super food? Share it with me in the comments below. After all, sharing is caring.




  1. i need to try the chia seeds! tak pernah pula jmpa dekat local supermarket sini...

    1. Sabrina: i just saw them dekat Boost. The booth yg selling juices. RM2 per small cup.

      Fatma: seems like u tau je whats in my mind.. im bout too google chia seeds then nampak ur post! haha.. thank u! so next time pergi Boost, i can add on this chia seeds. :)

    2. wah ade telekinesis lah kita ni walaupun dua2 ddk kat hujung dunia..hehe

    3. chia seeds ada kat BMS Organics and other organic store/area :))

      btw love this post! I'm a firm believer of food as medicine as well and I eat most of the above too <3

    4. exactly..we are what we eat!!

  2. I don' really believe coconut oil helps to loss weight, as raspberries kethonas aren't usefull. But i know chia is a very healthy food, and of course, omega 3 and reveratrol. It's a pitty my english is not good but, if you wish, with time we can speak about healthy food. I eat cannabis seads and sesame seeds instead of chia ( here chia is not an usual food ), and i must use omega 3 pills because of a sickness of mine. About resveratrol, spanish scientists published a very very interesting article about it, it's really amazing because it can "repair" several organs like heart or help to people with arthrosis. And it's imposiible you can eat as resveratrol as is good for a healthy life only by eating food. I use resveratrol pills twice a year, and omega 3 pills or rich omega 3 food the whole year. I also love white tea, i drink white tea every day, and it is very good for a young and beayty skin, really. Have you probed white tea ?

    Bests regards

  3. that is interesting to know!! i am actually sick now but I am still taking my vitamins, so I hope I will be healthy again soon...for me coconut oil has some good fat in it which is you said, I am also not sure about the claim that it can help us to lose weight because I haven't really measured it..but i think it contributes to your body's fat content..I have not heard of white tea but I love drinking green tea..


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