Monday, 26 August 2013

Gosh Mineral Eyeshadow Sticks: Reviews and Swatches

Top: 009 Rose, Middle: 002 Golden Brown, Bottom: 003 Brown

Don’t you just love anything that comes in a stick. In fact I want everything to come in a stick. Lipsticks, blushes, highlighters, powders, foundations etc. That will make my life easy for storage and travelling. Don’t you think the same too?

You may have seen my post on all the lip crayons that I have here but today we are talking eyeshadow crayons. These ones from Gosh were the first that caught my eyes. They are the Gosh Mineral Waterproof Eyeshadows. I have them in three shades which are:

-       009 Rose: A baby pink colour

-       002 Golden Brown: A golden-ish grey colour

-       003 Brown: A taupe colour


I have had them for a while and tested them in all sorts of different looks. These are my thoughts on them:



It has a soft texture however not to the point where it has a lot of slip. It sets very fast on the skin and it does not drag the eyes. I would recommend applying it straight from the bullet in one motion. Applying it back and forth will lose some of the pigmentation that is already applied.



To me what you see translates to what you get. The colours I chose were quite muted, so the pigmentation warrants it. It is opaque and it does not apply patchy. Building up the colour layer by layer will give a natural and beautiful application.



The finish is rather matte with a hardly noticeable sheen. It is not a flat matte though. This may not be something for someone who wants a metallic finish.


Lasting Power:

I noticed that it lasts on my lid throughout the day without creasing if I wear an eyeshadow primer. Without one, it will crease and will not last as along.


Colour Selections:

They came in a variety of colours from neutrals to brights.



In the Netherlands, Gosh products are sold in Kruidvat.


Final thoughts:

I really love them for days when I want an understated  wash of colour on my lids makeup look. It is so easy to use and I don’t have to think when applying it.


So do you have a favourite eyeshadow crayon  for me to look out for? I have a feeling that this will be my next obsession after lip crayons.


Hope you enjoy this post and I will talk to you soon, InshaAllah.



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