Friday, 2 August 2013

My Wedding Makeup

I am very happy today because it's my 5th wedding anniversary!! 5 years of happiness and tears have brought us even closer together. We have Allah to thank for and our daughter, Najla for keeping us grounded.

We got married on 2nd of August 2008 in Malaysia in a very simple and laidback country atmosphere. I remember it as clear as day. I still remember that we don't have much money to splurge on  professional makeup artist to do our makeup, so with the limited skills and tools I had back then, I did my own makeup for my wedding.

Looking back at our wedding photos, I am glad that I was the one doing my makeup because I know my features and what colour suits me best. I still look like myself, and that's important and the makeup did not look cakey at all. Just the way I like it. Less is more.

In this post, I am about to decipher what I was wearing to achieve the look. I may not get them all right though. This should be fun anyway.

It looks like I was wearing fake eyelashes or it maybe the mascara I was using. I think I layered Loreal Double Extension Mascara with Clinique High Impact Mascara. I completely forgot what brow pencil I was using, oh wait, I am pretty sure it was the Revlon brow pencil which is the one with the brow mascara on the other end. Alongside eyes, the palette I was using was the Clinique eyeshadow quad in Pink Chocolate mixed with some gold pigments from red earth and white eyeshadow to highlight my brow bone and the bridge of my nose. I lined my upper lashline with Loreal liqiud eyeliner (can't remember which one) and my water line with Clinique Pencil Eyeliner.

For my face , I am certain that I was using the Loreal True Match Foundation because I didn't have any other foundations. It is a great foundation and it matched to the real colour of my skin. Then I used a pencil concealer from The Body Shop.I powdered my face with Silky Girl Shine Free Loose Powder to finish. What I remember most was what I used on my lips and it's the Loreal Glam Shine 12 h Infallible Gloss in the raspberry red colour. The gloss is pigmented like a lipstick and it lasts me through eating and drinking. I don't remember wearing any blush because as far as I know I was scared of wearing blush back then.

Alright, I think that is as far as I can remember it. I will definitely be revisiting some of the products because I know I used to love them a long time ago. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and feel free to comment below and tell me if you have ever did your own makeup and how did it turn up. 


  1. To be honest, I'm really impressed. Most of the wedding makeup out there are too overdone for me. Seriously, why hide that beautiful skin underneath. Like you said, less is more. :)

    1. hehe, i was too, not really a work of a pro but after 5 years and still loving the look tells me makeup should be timeless..because you want to still love the way you look after so many years...


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