Sunday, 25 August 2013

Something Old and Something New


  It's a food shopping kinda day today. Guess what?!! I found some mangosteen, rambutan and even starfruits!! Wow!! I was so jakun at the moment because that was my first time seeing them in The Netherlands. We bought a lot of food from the market and of course I went off route for some shopping. Hehe.

Today's OOTD features something old and something new. The "something old" was my mom's printed linen blazer. I had it in my closet for a long time but I never wore it. So, I thought of giving it the attention it deserves by making it a statement piece for this look. It is a linen blazer that is perfect for summer. 

I paired it with a crochet peplum dress with a chino pants. You can probably tell that I love chinos, huh? I love them because they are not skin tight like skinny jeans, yet it is still flattering to wear with a shift dress  or peplum dress. So, your aurah is still protected and it looks decent with a hijab. Plus, they are also very comfortable. Along the same line of comfortable, I paired this outit with yet another printed item which is a pair of oxford-style shoes.

Ok, that is all for today's OOTD. I hope you guys have a lovely and enjoyable weekend with your loved ones. Let me know what you feel about this look in the comment section below!! 

Talk to you soon lovelies!!

Blazer: Mom's Old Printed Linen Blazer from Lino | Peplum Dress: Zara | Chino: Topshop | Shoes: Seven Seconds | Bag: Smaak Cecile (no longer available online or in store)


  1. may i know u bought ur chino via online or at the shop? desperately need the loose type as im not comfortable with my skinny anymore.. feeling like not proper for someone wearing hijab to wear skinny.. :(

    1. i actually bought them online last summer sbb topshop ade kt big cities je kat sini..cuba try kt website yg ade model wearing the pants..that way you can see if its skin tight or not, short or long etc


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