Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bediside Beauty Heroes

What is nice about having a bedside table? I get to have a space for more beauty products!! However, there are certain products that are worth the bedside attention. For me it’s normally a candle, a pillow spray and all sorts of moisturizers; from body to cuticles and everything in between.
1. It is always nice to have your body cream within reach. Out of shower --> grab, getting in bed --> grab. For me, The Body Shop Body Butter is a must-have. At the moment the Raspberry Body Butter makes me smell like a walking basket full of raspberries that I no longer need to use a perfume.
2. Next is hand cream. I use different hand creams all the time. For me, if they moisturise my hand, they are fine. I am currently going through a tub of the classic cult brand, Nivea.
3. You must never forget to look after your feet. That’s what my mom always say. I wish I have the luxury to go for a pedicure but for now, a daily maintenance from Yves Rocher  foot cream is sufficient to keep those cracked heels and dryness at bay.
4. Neck cream is something I have just started to incorporate in my body care routine. When I found Philosophy Miracle Worker hand, Neck and Décolleté Cream, I have never looked back. And by having it on my bedside means that I will never forget to put it on. I have also reviewed this offering from Philosophy on my blog a while back.
5. Lip balm is a ubiquitous item in my house and in my bag. So, to have it on my bedside is a given. Before tucking myself into bed, a slather of Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm preps the lips for the morning after.  
6. Grooming your nails is quite a chore in itself but caring for your cuticles is not. This is the least favour I can give my nails and cuticles being a mom and also a grad student at the same time. This Dior Apricot Cuticle Balm is such a luxury treat for my cuticles.
7. I feel like you need to have al all-rounder on your bedside. The one you can rely on for almost everything when you feel so lazy to use all kinds of different things. For me, it has got to be Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream. For those late night studying, a little squeeze of this on those dry patches and dry lips goes a long way.
8. I love stimulating my olfactory. It is so uplifting and calming and it makes me happy. That’s why I always need to have a candle around when the weather gets a little blue. Besides that, the Ritual Happy Mist Orange Mandarin and Yuzu bed and Body spray keeps my bed smelling fresh. It is like having a slumber in an orange orchard.
Those are the items I keep on my bedside. What beauty products do you keep on your bedside little vanity?


  1. I love having a bedside table too but I mostly abused its usage by cluttering everything there (glasses, mobile, laptop, u name it, I have it!) U__U will go and check out the neck cream on your blog. gotta show the neck some love!

    1. haha..the neck cream is really good..normally only high end brands sell neck creams and they are so expensive..when I found out about this neck cream from philosophy and its price, and then the review was good, I was practically sold..


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