Monday, 23 September 2013

Exfoliate, Exfoliate

I am all about exfolation. And in this post, I am going to talk a whole lot about it. For me, every skin type will benefit from exfoliation. Not only will it dislodged any dead skin cells from the pore and prevent from an acne infection but you will look fresh. For those of you who suffer will dull looking skin, you should try exfoliating possibly in every step of your skincare if possible.

When we are youn, our skin turnover is fast, new cell is forming every 28 days and that is why we look so young healthy. As we get older, stress, pollutions and bad skincare routine can wreak havoc to the skin. That is why, the skin needs every little bit of extra help it can get to stay in rhythm with its cellular turnover program.

Let’s start with:

1.      Cleansing

The primary and the most important step in a skincare routine. Try using Clarisonic or if you are on a budget try using a cloth to remove your cleanser. You can see that every little bits of grime that is stucked in your pores on the cloth and it is better than simply removing your cleanser with simply water. Both methods are recommended to getting off grimes that are lodged in the pores.

2.      Toning

This is the most negelected routine, I suppos but start now, and you will see a big difference to how your  skin look overall. Try a mild exfoliating toner for everyday, for example Clarins Doux Exfoliat, Pixi Glow Tonic and anything that contains some sort of acid to help eat the dead skin cells away.

3.      Moisturizer

If that is not enough to bring back your dull skin to life a moisturizer that will exfoliate while you sleep will do the job. Filorga sleep and Peel has ingredients that helps to exfoliate dead skin on the surface (AHA) and unclog the pores (BHA), hydrate, lightens and fights anti-radicals.  Use it everybother day and witness light being brought back into the skin.

4.      Treatment

Exfoliating treatment can be an all over treatment or a spot treatment. I have here an example for each; Alpha-H Liqiud Gold and La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo respectively. The former is great for a weekend or midweek treatment to boost the skin and the latter is great when you have a spot coming out. itbworks So fast at diminishing the size of a pimple and unclogging the pores from the action of salicyclic acid. 

5.      Mask
For when you craved a pampering session, mask is always the way to go. So, why not while you are at it, exfoliate!! This is the best way to exfoliate while doing nothing!! You could try Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant and Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel. They are both very gentle yet effective. Follow up with exfoliating treatment that will also soothe and hydrates the skin post-mask treatment.

If you have not yet started with exfoliation, I highly insist that you should. You can thank me later when you get Hollywood glowing, radiant and flawless skin. Now, it is about time to say goodbye to sallow, flaky and dull skin and hello to your new skin!!! Are you ready to start?


  1. kakak, how many times you use clarisonic in a week? i have olay pro-x and nowadays selalu lupa pakai. the staff at lost world of tambun hot spring & spa told me last saturday that my skin is dull (she was putting cocoa mask on my face at that time).

    1. akk biasanye tak pakai selalu sbb it can make my skin dry and patchy in maybe around 3 times a week during the day.. at night akk pakai face cloth jer..i heard olay pro x is good, so definitely keep on using it..i definitely think that clarisonic is not a must have if you take good care of your skin

  2. Hi Fatimah, I do agree that exfoliate is an important step to keep our face clean & free from impurities.
    But I always tend to skip it by just washing my face with cleansing foam and go straight to bed. I'm just TOO lazy even though I have all the products waiting for me to use on my table.
    Better start exfoliating before I have more bad skin.

    1. aaaaa...don't do that!! whenever i do that, i will break out..try to establish a routine that is do-able for you and then from there add in a few products when you feel more at ease with your skincare routine..

    2. I know...that's why I starting have massive break outs especially at my chin area recently... =( Thanks for the tips dear...

  3. Hi..I recently stumbled on upon ur blog an am enjoying reading ur posts..Love the Clarins Exfoliant coz it doesn't leave a drying effect on the skin.. was wondering if u've tried the Pixi Glow Tonic and what do u make of it? I've been dying to try the tonic but can't seem to get it here in Aussie..

    1. Hi Ada, unfortunately I have not tried the pici glow is not sold here in the Netherlands...there seem to be a limited stock even ith the UK.


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