Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tag: Beauty Junkie!!

Again another tag for a beauty lover like myself. Rad on to know more about my makeup loving self.

1. Favorite makeup items
Lipsticks. I love playing around with my lipstick drawers.

2. Favorite High End / Drugstore Brand.
High end: Chanel, Drugstore: Catrice and Bourjois. Revlon, Maybelline and Rimmel are quite expensive here in The Netherlands. You can buy a M.A.C product for a couple of euros more.

3. What is the product you would buy even it is expensive?
Limited edition products that are worth keeping and I know I would use it.Sometimes, limited edition products are hard to pass but I would really choose and think before I buy them. For example, buying and owning my Chanel Poudre Signee de Chanel.

4. What is the product that you would not buy even if its cheap.
Products that don't really work for me/ my skin colour/ my skin type. I would not buy skincare or makeup products that don't work even though it is cheap. I could have saved and spent my money for something more worthy. So, girls, don't just buy stuffs just because they are cheap or on sale.

5. How many makeup product do you have?
aaaaaaaaa..too many to count. I don't have an extensive collection but to me, they are borderline excessive.

6. Did you purchase all of your makeup.
Yes, I do. Some were gifts.

7. What is your favorite makeup season?
I like both for different reasons. I love spring and summer collection for blushes, highlighters, lipsticks and bronzers. And I love autumn winter for eyeshadow palettes especially Christmas. Most brands come with promotios and discounted beauty products.

8. Any makeup tips?
Always choose the right foundation shade. Too light, it will make you look dead and ashy. Too dark, you will look an oompa loompa.

9. Do you love wearing lip gloss.

10. Why to the previous question?
It makes my lips look nice and glossy. They just spread beautifully unlike lipsticks.

11. What is your most neglected makeup steps.
Doing my brows and applying mascara. Let's just say doing my eye makeup. I just find that it takes too long to do them.

12. What is your first makeup application?
A compact powder, specifically Johnson and Johnson Compact Powder.

13. Do you wear makeup to school?

14. How often do you clean your makeup brushes?
Roughly once in 2 weeks. Most of the time I just use my hands to apply foundation.

15 How do you clean your makeup brushes.
With Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo

16. Do you wear makeup every single day?
No. Most days, I wear BB cream, a little bit of concealer, powder and lip balm.

17. If I could create one makeup item what would it be and why?
I would love to create a palette containing eyeshadows, blushes, bronzer, highlighter, gel eyeliner and lipstick all in one palette. The colours should go together and work for most skintones. So, I will only have to worry about my foundation, my brows and and my mascara. Takes all the guesswork out of everyday life to choose what eyeshadow and what blushes to wear. It will a be perfect starter makeup kit too.

18. What is the most makeup items do you have?
Lipsticks, of course.

19. What is the least makeup items that you own.
Highlighters and Bronzers and probably mascaras. I just don't see the point buying a lot of mascara. However, lately I am digging mascara because I am finding one that can do all, curling, volumising and lengthening.

20. Describe your makeup routine in 3 words
Base-Powder-Lipstick/lip balm

I tag everybody who share the same love and passion as I do towards all things beauty.


  1. oppa lommpa.. lol! hehe.. you do love lipsticks alot! ^_^

    1. I can't get enough!!hihi..especially now mm2 formulations and textures..

  2. Jealous dengar MAC murah di sana. T_T

    1. kau kat malaysia berapa let say for a mac lipstick or paint pot?

    2. Kalau MAC Lipstick & Paint Pot tu dalam RM70++ .... Mahal kan? T_T

    3. ha ah lah..slighly more expensive than here even aftyer conversion..paling murah mac kat US lah..

    4. Ooh, kat US yang murah. Ingatkan tempat sis lagi murah. Hehe. :D

  3. love this post! One can never have enough lipsticks ;)


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