Monday, 21 October 2013

Au Naturale Underarms


I have never been one to go for a conventional deodorant because ever since I hit puberty I have always used salt crystals for my underarm area. However, with time, the crystal can smell a little funny so that’s why I wanted to find something just as natural but more convenient to wear. I am not sure why I always opted for natural products for deodorant, but I have this theory in my head that the area is part of our toxin elimintation system so why have them clogged with unncessary chemicals? When I shop for deodorant, I tend to avoid those with aluminium in it and thankfully there are a lot of options out there nowadays. What you have to do is just search for it.

Today I have two natural and mineral deodorant to show you and tney are:

Bourjois Mineral Deodorant: I love this so much that I have been wearing this every single day
 since the day I bought it. It comes in a spray form which makes it wasy to apply because there
 is no direct contact to the underarm skin area. It is fragrance free, aluminium free, paraben –
free and does not leave streaks or residues on my clothes. It keeps odour at bay too. It is great
 for me because I am constantly cycling up and down the hill to university and my home

Biotherm Deo Pure: This was the first of the two that I purchased. There’s a back story to this
purchase and it is a funny one. So, I purchased this because my daughter likes to run her
fingers around my underarm area while I am feeding her and at that time I was wearing the
conventional deodorant. So, not wanting any dangerous chemical around her I decided
to buy a natural deodorant instead. This is the mildest deodorant I have ever come across. I do 
 not feel any irritation and it is a good deodorant if you are not doing anything physically
   draining that day. It smells fresh like grass and it is aluminium free, paraben free and
 everything harmful-free. It does not really keep sweat and odour at bay so that is why is  good
if you are just office-bound.
For me, natural deodorants perform just as great as conventional ones. I am certain that there
 are now so many options of natural deodorantrs out there that suits you. Have you ever tried
one yourself?


  1. Natural deodorant? Pernah try Simple dulu tapi tak best sebab melekit. Huhu. Sekarang guna jenis spray Dove, Playboy dan AXE Anarchy. Tukar-tukar. Hehe. :D

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  3. terus g grab my deodorant tgk the ingredients. haha. i read once on facebook dont buy the anti-perspirant deodorant sbb can lead to cancer. but tgk kat kedai most of them are anti-perspirant. entahlah. anyway, thnks for the info!


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