Monday, 14 October 2013

Dark Circle Camouflage

We all have those days where it gets better or it gets worse. At least for  me, being a mom, especially during the first few months of Najla’s life I was looking like an owl. And then it gets better and better with a proper eye care, my dark circle is not as prominent. It’s still there because I inherited it from my dad, so it kinda runs in my blood. Thankfully, I do not have to deal with puffiness because that’s another story on its own. There are two causes of dark under eye circles; hyperpigmentation and lymphatic drainage. My dark circles are mostly because of hyperpigmentation so to treat them I use an eye cream that has Vitamin C in it. Sometimes, my under eye can get a little dry so I double treat by using another eye cream that targets dryness, lines and wrinkles (more on that later in another blog post).
Anyway, this post is about is about concealer and I have 4 to show you. Let’s first start with:
1.      The usual suspect, Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach: The one I took out when my dark circles is not cooperating with me. This peachy tone works magically to make the darkest of dark circles disappear. A little goes a long way and I mean a little because things can get a little crease-y under there if you used too much. I simply warm them on my ring finger and pat them on the most shadowy part of my eye until they are seamlessly blended.
2.      The Industrial Strength, Benefit Erase Paste in 02 Medium: It is also another peachy tone concealer that brightens at the same time. This stuff is so darn pigmented that you cannot help but acquire too  much. A soft touch of  a finger into the pot is enough to do both eyes. Like the name, it is pasty, so it will stick better to the skin so blending is key with this. Try blending with a flat eye shadow brush. You might want to avoid this if you have dryness or flakiness under the eye because it can accentuate them. If that is not an issue, I highly recommend it if you suffer from dark under eye circles. If you want to get your money worth, opt for this because you will get more for what you pay.
3.      The Bestselling, YSL Touche Eclat in no.03: I think YSL was the first to come up with a clicky pen concealer that highlights the area you wanted to highlight. On days where I need a quick fix and my dark circles aren’t as dark, I reached for this. Not the most pigmented of concealers, but if you have a minor dark circles or you happen to sleep like a baby these past nights, then this is for you. I forgot how much I used to love this and today it is like a first date all over again
4.      The Underdog, Etos Brightening Concealer in 02: Etos is one of many drugstore chains in The Netherlands. They have recently come up with their own makeup and skincare brand and I have one that stands out. This brightening concealer is so pigmented and brightening at the same time. It brings light to the darkness, I used this to get that Kim Kardashian triangle under the eye triangle look and this does that perfectly. It twists and the product dispenses out through a brush which can also be used as an applicator.
Undercover job done and now it is time to powder it up to keep it in place. Now, you look fresh and wake ready to face the brighter day ahead. 


  1. I'm always a lazy bum to cover my dark circles, haha! I would love to give Benefit's Erase Paste a try though ^_^

    1. erase paste needs some practice i would say..the first time i had it i hated it, and then as i learnt how to apply them then I understand the product..

  2. Saya kadang-kala keliru dengan mata sendiri samada antara dark circle, puffiness dan eye bag. Hahaha. Sekarang saya guna Maybelline Color Tattoo Fierce & Tangy dan UD Concealer je untuk cover. Teringin sangat nak cuba Benefit Erase Paste tu. :)

    1. dark circle is just darkness under your eyes..puffiness tu mcm eye bag,mcm ade pouch kat bawah mata yg appear sembap or bengkak..normally puffy eyes are best treated with cooling agent like cucumber etc..akk mcm takut nk pakai color tattoo kat eyes, sbb i imagine it must be hard to remove...


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