Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Essence Stays On No Matter What Eye Pencil and Shadow

Top to bottom: Whipped White Frosting, Cute Copper, Chocolate Brownie, Gorgeous Grey, Powerful Purple, Twinkling Turquoise, Blazing Black

Left to Right: Whipped White Frosting, Cute Copper, Chocolate Brownie, Gorgeous Grey, Powerful Purple, Twinkling Turquoise and Blazing Black

Assalamualaikum and hello gorgeous!! Today I have a new and exciting product review for you. They are Essence Stays On No Matter What Shadow Pencils. You know how I was becoming obsessed with lip crayons these past months but now, I am currently obsessed with shadow pencils. I have also reviewed the ones from Gosh here and I have also used one from Max Factor before here and I have also used the one from Clinique in my last week’s  Friday’s Face here.
But, let me tell you how the table has turned. When I first discovered these, my shadow pencil world has completely changed. These products are a game changer!!! They are intensely pigmented in just one application. When I see how they performed, I straight away think of the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils. I have never owned one but I have played around with them in Sephora before. They are comparably creamy to the Urban Decay ones and they are just as long lasting. These new shadow pencils do not budge no matter how hard I dragged my fingers over them. When tested under water, they do not move even one bit. No transfers on the eyelids either, with or without base. Perfect for those with oily eyelids because they are crease-proof. What’s even nicer about them is they come in a blunt pencil form, so, you can use them as a liner for a smudgy and smokey look.
If I have to single out one gripe about them is there is one shade; 02 Powerful Purple that applies a little patchy. The colour also flakes off in places when it is dragged. So you might want to avoid this particular shade the next time you go shopping.
They come in 8 shades and I missed the shade no 06 which is Green Garden an intense mossy green colour which I don’t think it will flatter me quite well. Being Essence, they are cheap and cheerful at only €2.59 a pop and they are not limited edition. You can find them at Kruidvat that carries an extended Essence collection in Ede, Arnhem and other cities in the Netherlands. You can check their availability here.
The shades I have are:
•01 – Blazing Black – a black with golden micro glitters
•02 – Powerful Purple – medium bright purple
•03 – Twinkling Turquoise – bright turquoise
•04 – Gorgeous Grey – gun metal grey
•05 – Cute Copper – warm bright golden copper
•07 – Whipped White Frosting – shimmering off-white that leans a little beige
•08 – Chocolate Brownie – dark rusty brown colour
I really love and highly recommend these to all of you. They are probably the best shadow pencils out there and the price you pay for it is unbeatable. In fact, this is the highlight of my purchase this month. I was so happy when I found these. I hope you do too.
Talk to you soon


  1. Semua cantik. Paling saya suka warna Cute Copper dan Gorgeous Grey. :)

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    1. i like it too.. i tried it on my yes the other day looks so can use it as a base too

  3. They look promising. I wish they have one in basic matte black with no glitters.

    1. they are really good, it is beyond my expectation..i like the fact that the black has glitters because it gives dimension..i love the glitters in it..

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