Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Makeup to the Rescue

Being sick is not fun, however playing with makeup is. I don't know about you but when I feel sick, it always takes toll on my skin, lips and eyes. My coplexion simply looks dull and sallow, eyes look gaunt and lips look chapped. The focus of this makeup is to look healthy and put together when you are actually sick. Plus, it adds some positivity and helps you to feel good.

For the complexion, make sure you moisturize well with a good hydrating lotion. Then choose an anti-dllness primer to brighten the complexion. For that I chose, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm because it works wonders at brightening and tightening my face. Then, choose a foundation that will also helps with the dullness that is going on. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation is the perfect pick for this. It does not cling to dry patches and it adds that extra luminousity to the skin. Concealer wise, nothing beats my MakeupForever Full Cover Concealer to cover my pesky acne scars. Finally, I applied a glow enhancing powder like the Guerlain Meteorites Compact to let the radiance comes through.

As for the eyes, the key is also to brighten. Clinique Underye Concealer is great for that purpose. For the lids, I used my Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base to cancel out any redness. Then, I applied a shimmery champagne eyeshadow from Catrice Absolute Eye Color in 630 Fancy a Coppa Tea?. I also extended the eyeshadow to my lower lashline for an added brightness. Since, I am too sick to take time doing my makeup, I relied on masacara that does it all; lengthening, volumising and holding a curl. It is no other than my must-have mascara the Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara. That is eyes done!!

For the lips, I made sure that I chose a colour that brighten my complexion and hydrating at the same time. I have also paired it with a hydrating lipgloss on top. I am wearing Loreal Rouge Caresse Aphrodite Scarlett and Clarins Insatnt Light Natural Lip Perfector in 05 Candy Shimmer. Nothing says healthy than rosy cheeks. And nothing says rosy cheeks than Bourjois Blush in Rose d'Or. I simply applied the blush lightly on my cheeks. Subtlety is key here otherwise I will end up just looking more sick. To finish it all off, I sealed the makeup with a hydrating face spray from Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist because the last thing I want is dryness and I think this is the most hydrating face mist I have ever used.

That is my makeup done!! I definitely look more awake and healthy afterwards. Do you like the look? Please pray for my health, guys!! 


  1. Ramai kata brand Clarins best. Eh, akak sakit ke? Semoga cepat sembuh yea.. Jangan lupa makan ubat, ambil supplement (penting), minum air 2 L sehari dan rehat secukupnya. :)

  2. ha ah..biasalah winter2 mcm ni..akk mmg amek supplemen tp tu lah nak sakit alhamdulillah dh sihat dah skrg..


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