Thursday, 21 November 2013

NARS Crime of Passion Palette


Lately, I have been obsessed with face palette. A lot of brands namely Urban Decay, Laura Mercier, Pixi and NARS are coming up with their version of one. I chose NARS because I do not own anything from the brand and I thought this is a great palette to try things from the brand. What draws me to the palette is the blush-bronzer duo in the shade Deep Throat and Laguna and the eyeshadows that are neutrals. I was going to get the NARS At First Sight palette but I am not 100% sure about the eyeshadow colours. At only €42, it is such a steal for what you get. 

The eyeshadows are great in pigmentation except for the black that applies a little patchy. I don't really care for the black in the palette but the topaz and reddish brown shades are stunning. I also love the blush shade which is a beautiful peachy pink shade. The bronzer shade is great for warming the complexion and the lipgloss is a great lipstick topper. I noticed that the gloss is quite stick but that only means that it is going to last longer and glossy on the lips.

Overall, I am really looking forward to using this palette. It will be a great travel companion too. Will you be purchasing any face palette soon?


  1. It looks like a very nice palette indeed!

  2. I love how you did the moving picture! Also this is a beautiful palette! Shame about the patchy black but at least the rest of the eyeshadows make up for it :)

    Asmaa || JustPeachy

  3. bila la nak visit their store ni. wishlist dah banyak. :p


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