Sunday, 17 November 2013

Skincare Sunday #11: Origins Plantscription Anti-aging Eye Cream

Truth be told, I have been suffering from eczema on my eyelids and my undereye areas. They would peel and get irritated and it has left my eyes uneven as you may have noticed in a few of my pictures. It has been bugging me for the longest time and no eye cream has come close to this. I have tried Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream and Chanel Hydramax Eye Cream and they seem to give a superficial result for a while before my eczema strikes back. 

I was in awe when I saw dramatic results within a week with this Origins Plantscription Anti-aging eye cream. This eye cream has restore the symmetry of my eyes, gets rid of dry patches from the eczema and fine lines around my eyes. My eczema is now gone and I no longer have to peel off those pesky dry skin on my eyes anymore. This eye cream is the most effective and most potent I have ever come across. No wonder, it has such good review from most customers. 

This eye cream has extracts of Anogeissus that helps repair crow's feet, creepy lids, undereye cross hatching and sagginess without irritation. I am so happy to report that this really does work as it says it will.

Here is a before and after pictures if you are ever so interested in hard evidence:

Well, I guess a picture tells a thousand words. I can now close and open my eyes without one of them got stucked halfway through. Symmetry restored and no more creepy eyelids and horrifying dryness!! This eye cream is a magic potion in a jar. Have you tried Origins product before?



  1. Wow! That is amazing- I think I need to check it out- I have the same thing- one of my eyelid gets stuck halfway through too :P

  2. You have to check it out. It is the most hydrating eye cream I have ever used.


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