Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Red Lips Makeup Kit

Have you got your red lips makeup kit sorted for the holidays? If you haven't allow me to do the honor and sort it for you. For me, the makeup is all about the lips. I keep everything and everywhere else muted. Eyeliner is a must and I try to let the red shines just on the lips.  Redness on the complexion and the cheeks are cancelled out. YSL Youth Liberator Foundation is great to cancel any redness and discoloration on the skin. Face are kept matte and flawless with Bouejois Healthy Balance powder.

Eyes are kept matte with just a little bit of pop on the inner corners. The UrbanDecay Naked Basics is perfect for this Old Hollywood look. A little bit of W.O.S all over the lid, Naked2 on the crease and and Faint on the outer V and my lower lash lines, that is eyeshadow done. Black catflick eyeliner is made easy with Loreal Super Liner. Eyes are not complete without a swish of mascara. I chose Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express that just gets better with prolonged use. 

No makeup is complete without a blush. Sometimes with red lips, you can look a little washed out. Chanel Joues Contraste in Accent is perfect for this because it gives warmth to the cheeks. Lips are then prepped with a matching lip liner to keep your red lips last just a little longer and gives precision to the shape of your lips. 

With that, I wrap this post with a red ribbon. I hope you will enjoy your holidays with your loved ones. 



  1. love ur blusher. ish ish. kan dah tak tenang dah ni. :p

  2. Haha..blush tu limited edition..maybe kat Malaysia ade lagi kot..otherwise I think mac may have something similar..


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