Monday, 23 December 2013

Scarlet Lips

Red scarlet lips are always associated with the holiday seasons and I, for one have been so into red lips lately. There are still so many shades of reds that I would love to own but for now, this will do. With reds, I always find that bright reds like coral red or pinkish raspberry reds flatter me better than dark red. Dark red makes me look older while bright red makes me look fresher and younger. I also do not like red lipstick that are extremely matte but maybe someday I changed my mind. Who knows, right? So, today I am going to show you several options of red lipsticks that are my favourite.

One of the first red lipstick I owned Chanel Rouge Coco in 19 Gabrielle. This is such an iconic classic red shade. Here, I wore it over a Chanel Lip Liner in 57 Rouge Profond.

This is the newest addition to my red lipsticks collection. It is Chanel Rouge Allure in 102 Palpitante. This has to be my most favourite out of all of them. It is just such a juicy raspberry red. The texture is just so nice and creamy. The shade is quite similar to the newest lipstick from the Chanel Holiday 2013 collection in Le Precieuse, but more matte. Maybe I  will pick one soon? hmmmm..

This shade from Essence Long Lasting Lipstick range is nothing new if you are a follower of this blog. I am wearing Essence Dare to Wear in this picture. To be honest, you don't have to be daring to wear this because it really is not as bold. I just noticed that the colour is so similar to Chanel Palpitante but less pink. Not quite as long lasting but it does the red lip trick and it is very affordable too.

Another different shade of red but just as pretty is also Essence. It is the Essence On The Catwalk. I think it is a unique shade. It is like a brick red color with a mauve undertone to it. I just thought it is a fun addition to this post for someone who wants something different from a conventional red.

If you are afraid of full on opaque red lips than sheer lipstick or lip balms will be your best bet. I have this one from Korres in the shade Rose which is so beautiful. So moisturizing and perfect for wintery chapped lips.

A slightly darker shade is the Loreal Rouge Caress in Hypnotic Red. It is sheer, so you can pack it on and it does not look overdone. You will just look put together but effortless at the same time. I love how this shade looks on me.

So, if you are shy of wearing red lips maybe you will want to look for reds that will flatter you most. As for me, I really tested them all and really see how it makes me look. If you like it then it is for you. What matters most is you have to be comfortable in it. I hope this post will help you to choose the right red lipstick for you.

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  1. Gabrielle is stunning!

  2. I love Gabrielle too!!


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